Friday, 18 July 2014

Recent Awesomeness #4

I was killing time waiting for Tam's train to get in last week and accidentally wandered into the Clarks sale.  I don't think I've owned shoes from here since I was a kid but I was delighted to find these brogues reduced after hunting all winter for the perfect pair.  They were there all along!  And at half the price too.  I also picked up some black loafers (here - now £20!), another thing I struggled to find last year thanks to my fussy feet and fussy taste in shoes.  I'm on the fence about these ones - I love the style but they're very flat, rather unlike most of my other shoes...

I just rediscovered this picture - I totally forgot to share it before now.  It's a knitted haggis!  Spotted at a local fair.  I really want to make one...

Speaking of fairs...Tam had his birthday a few weeks ago and it fell on the local fair weekend, so it was balloon central at his house.  Especially after Tam's mum bought me this minion one...  We decided the tiny knitted mouse at work needed an accessory, so the Lego folk kindly shared a top hat.

 I'm still on the bruscetta kick!  It will never end!

The ultimate bargain last week - five issues of The Knitter for £1 in the library book sale!  Considering these usually retail at £5.99 EACH, you can guess how quickly I snatched them up...

I got new red jeans (here) in York's Long Tall Sally.  I've wanted red jeans for as long as I can remember and I'm so pleased to finally have a pair.  They're the same style as my polka dot ones but in a slightly stretchy fabric, so no losing their shape...hopefully!



  1. MORE MINIONS!!!! Ha ha :)

    Love the red jeans, and I'm very jealous of your Knitter bargain :P

    1. There might be another one now too... ;) I'm doing well at the bargains lately!

  2. I have those brogues, got them for my birthday two years ago and I have worn them to death, I really need to buy a new pair, they are the best shoes!

    1. Ooh good to know, I was a bit worried since they feel like they'll need to be broken in a bit, I'm prepared for the pain though!


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