Tuesday, 26 August 2014

11 things and 11 more...

I was just thinking recently about the blog awards that were floating around when I first started blogging way back in 2010 and wondered if that was still a thing.  Turns out it is, since I got nominated twice last week!  (It's such a relief to say 'nominated' and not follow it up with 'ice bucket challenge'.  All those morons can faff off.) (and I suspect saying that will age this post very quickly...)  Jenny and Janet both sent the Liebster Award my way, so I'm going to combine them and answer all their questions in one go.  The rules were a bit different between Jenny and Janet's awards - Janet's had a section to state 11 facts about yourself, but I'm gonna skip this part since answering all these questions will probably be enough information for anyone to take in as it is...

Here's the rules - 
+ Share 11 facts about yourself
+ Answer the 11 (or more...cough) questions set by the nominator
+ Make up 11 questions to ask your nominees
+ Go tell them they're nominated!

And my answers - 

Why did you start blogging? (Jenny and Janet)
I can't exactly remember now!  Not a great start, is it?  I think I stumbled across some blogs when I was googling 'money saving' or 'vintage' or something similar, and when I realised people just like me were out there online sharing their lives, I thought 'I can do that' and off I went.  None of my friends shared my interest in vintage and charity shopping so I loved finding others out there that did.

What have you learned since beginning your blog? (Jenny)
That it will eat up a lot of time if you let it!  On a more positive note, I've learned so much about photography and writing and, strangely enough, about not oversharing on the internet.  There's far too much of that around now...

What's your favourite, and least favourite, thing about blogging? (Janet)
I love making new friends and discovering new blogs that I just 'get'.  It's rare but when it does happen it's lovely!  I love when one of my favourite bloggers has a new post up.  I love when I post about something I'm really excited about and my readers get excited and interested too. 

Least favourite...I don't think I'm saying anything new here - in fact I know I'm not - but blogging just isn't the same now and it makes me feel kind of disillusioned with it all.  It's just so saturated.  I know no-one can write about something the same way I would, and that the way everyone experiences something is unique, but it just makes me frustrated that the person writing about the latest mascara or slutty brownies (what even are these?) for the millionth time will get more attention than someone with something more personal and profound to say.  I'm not saying that these things don't have a place on the internet but...well, they don't on mine.

What post are you most proud of? (Janet)
Hmm, it's hard for me to think of any one that especially stands out as a favourite, but I do have a soft spot for my knitting posts - I love seeing what I've created and sharing it with my fellow craft buddies.  I also loved doing the Family Flashbacks series a couple of years ago.  A combination of old family photos and my job as a film archivist makes me realise the importance of preserving the present for the future.

What's your favourite craft? (Jenny)
This was how Jenny and I first bonded - a shared love of knitting!  And Game of Thrones, if I'm not mistaken...  I can sew too, but I don't have nearly the levels of patience and passion required to be an expert at it.  Same with drawing - I want to be good again (Advanced Higher Art student here!) but I'd just rather be knitting...  It's the only hobby I've done consistently all my life so I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon.

What's your favourite, and least favourite, colour of sweet? (Janet)
Janet, I also love the red ones!  And the orange too, sorry ;)  I hate yellow though - when I eat Skittles or Fruit Pastilles I actually put the yellow ones back in the bag and either throw them out or make Tam eat them.  Joosters were the one exception to this rule and they now only exist in America.  Sigh.

What's your favourite season of the year and why? (Jenny)
Ooh Autumn for sure.  I know EVERYONE says that but what's not to like?  Cool but not cold weather, less rain than winter or summer (well... it's Scotland though so... who knows?), so much prettiness outside, so many excuses for staying inside... 
(Blogging has also taught me that I'm not OMG special or unique like everyone thought I was in high school.  Yeah, I'm still fighting that teenage battle to be 'different'.)

What's your favourite flower? (Janet)
I LOVE baby's breath, I think they're so pretty.  I tried to persuade my friend to have her wedding bouquet made of them but she just gave me a funny look...  Someone sent me rainbow coloured roses once, they were pretty cool.  Sadly my old hard drive broke and I lost my pictures of them but they were just like this.

What's your favourite Disney movie? (Jenny)
Forever and ever, Beauty and the Beast.  Because I saw it when I was at an impressionable age (and obsessed with books like Belle) and thought life would just naturally turn out that rosy in the end.  The first film I saw at the cinema was The Little Mermaid though so I have a soft spot for that.  And who doesn't love Frozen?  Non animated would be Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - my gran had to rent this at the video shop for me every week, it was one of many movie obsessions I had throughout the years.  I still do that actually...

Did you have a favourite dressing up outfit as a child (or adult)? (Janet)
When I was very young, my gran would let me wear my mum's wedding dress around the house on the odd occasion.  I thought I was a princess, and always a tiny bit annoyed that it didn't fit me.  That would still be the case now, but for opposite reasons sadly!  As an adult I don't really care for dressing up - I feel silly wearing anything other than my own style.

What makes you happiest in the world? (Jenny)
See here!  I would also add - when Parsnip (Tam's dog) gets excited to see us, when a photo turns out better than I expected, and finding a new friend that you just click with.  Actually I just re-read that post and it made me smile, so it has to be one of my favourites.

Zayn or Harry? (Janet)
I vaguely remember my thirteen year old cousin mentioning years ago that she 'used to like Harry but everyone likes him best so I like Zayn now.'  However, she decided about a year ago she had lost interest in all of them so...I dunno.  Personally I like Gary Lightbody best.

What have you made or done in the past year that you've been most proud of? (Jenny)
I've been knitting more, so that's always good!  But my best thing has to be getting my job.  It's just so perfectly suited to me that I'm still a bit in shock that I get to do it every day.  Plus I'm ridiculously bad at interviews and this one was mostly just answering a couple of standard questions then talking about film and history and cinema evolution.  My favourite subjects basically.  We're all kindred spirits there haha!

What was your best holiday and why? (Janet)
When I was a teenager we went to Florida a few times and I completely fell in love with America.  Since then we've been back there, and last year Mother and I did the west coast and New York, which was also amazing.  America is so different and yet it still feels like home to me, which is saying a lot since I hate being too far from familiarity for long.  Closer to home, Tam and I did a trip around the west coast of Scotland in June and I particularly loved Rum and Eigg, I really want to go back and explore the islands we missed up there.  Again, it's such an alternative yet familiar way of living, it makes me curious to see more of it.

If you could pass on any advice to someone, what would it be? (Jenny)
Two things I live by and tell myself (and others) a lot - 'No feeling is final' and 'Everything happens for a reason'.  Very well worn phrases but oh so true.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? (Janet)
I used to think I'd want to live somewhere else for a while - I've never felt the urge to do the travelling thing but maybe live in the US or Canada for a year and see what it's like over there.  Now I'm not sure.  I like being close to home.  I'd like to have a go at staying on one of the islands here, but the irony isn't lost on me that I could probably get to New York in the time it takes to get to Shetland...

Marvel or DC? (Jenny)
Marvel.  Cause Thor.  Duh.

What's your favourite Christmas tradition? (Janet)
Ah!  I love Christmas traditions but my friends and family don't seem to regard them with quite the same sacred rigidity that I do, so our latest tradition seems to be me getting mad at them all and spending the day in the huff.  I do not enjoy that tradition.  Before my gran passed, we would spent the holiday at her house (all the way around the corner from ours...), she would make dinner, my aunt and uncle would come round, we'd watch TV and drink wine, which made my almost tee-total mother and granny get the giggles and that would set my brother and me off.  It was much fun.

What do you do to escape? (Jenny)
I don't really feel the need to escape much these days,  I'm pretty laid back most of the time as it is.  By 'escape' I'm assuming we mean getting away from people and internets, in which case the library is a great place to be.  I love the library.  Love love love it.

Do you have a nickname? (Janet)
Eh...Tam and I have a couple of daft yet hilarious names for each other that have turned into our thing...other than that I haven't had one for a while.  (I realise the whole origin of this blog is based on my friend's and my nicknames for each other but we haven't used them in so long, I may as well change the name of the blog and get over it!)

Done!  Wow that was long, you have my eternal devotion if you got to the end!

My nominees are -
Rusty Rambles
A Fine Bird A Puddock
Lucy in the Clouds
Halfway Here

Janet and I seem to have a lot of the same favourite blogs otherwise they'd be getting nominated by me too!  Great minds...  Jenny also asked me to share some of my favourite blogs - the ones above and the ones in my sidebar are my favourites, look over there  <<<

My questions -
1 - How did you get to your current job and do you love it? (I love hearing about what other people do)
2 - Your most worn item of clothing
3 - Favourite song from childhood?
4 - What's on your 'To Read' pile?
5 - The best movie you've seen this year (new or old)
6 - What advice would you give your teenage self?
7 - A skill/talent you wish you had
8 - Show us the oldest picture on your phone
9 - Current food obsession?
10 - Beach or countryside?
11 - The best cinema you've ever been to

Enjoy, and link me back your answers!



  1. Thanks for answering my questions!

    This - "it just makes me frustrated that the person writing about the latest mascara or slutty brownies (what even are these?) for the millionth time will get more attention than someone with something more personal and profound to say" - is exactly how I feel. But it makes me feel like it's all the more important that there are still a few of us out there writing for ourselves instead of for a sponsor.

    1. Yeah that's true, it's just frustrating that we're seemingly in the minority, but all the more reason to keep sharing I suppose! :)

  2. I agree with what you say about blogging being over saturated. When you see the same old review for the 500th time and it gets more comments than something that took you a week to type up and is deep, it's somewhat frustrating! Blogging in a bad way reminds me just how consumer and materialistic society has become, it's wants, needs and products over experiences and advice far too often.

    1. Yes! I feel like a few years ago blogs were all about charity shopping and frugality and they're in the minority now, we've become crazy consumers again :/

  3. those roses are amazing - I'd never heard of them before! You're happy list is awesome, might need to compile my own I think - something good to look back on every now and then :) Also, your job sounds v.cool. Thanks for the nomination!

    1. Do it, you'll look back and smile at all your happy things! My job is awesome, I love grabbing hold of history and making it accessible for everyone :)

  4. I didn't know you did advanced higher art. Did you pass? :p

    1. Nah I dropped it right near the end when I realised I didn't need a portfolio for my college course. As you know I'm all about not wasting time ;)

  5. Ah well, I failed higher. Twice :p

    1. Aw but you're so good now, how did that happen?!

  6. Thanks for the nomination petal (just catching up!) Oh me oh my, those roses don't look real! I'm so happy for you and jealous of you that you're doing your perfect job, mine feels like a constant battle. Off to answer your questions now...

    1. Yay just saw this, glad you took part! :)


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