Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Me and my knitwear

I've been wanting to do a series of posts about the various parts of my wardrobe for a while now.  I think I have more of a definite style now than I did when this blog started up, or indeed ever - I tend to go back and forth and back again on my tastes in just about everything, but lately I've been getting more comfortable with the way things are now and it seemed as good a time as any to document it.  I'm obviously starting with my favourite part of my clothing collection - knitwear!  Living in Scotland means about half of these items are in constant rotation, with the rest being worn from around September to May.  There's something gloriously comfortable about pulling a big men's jumper over a floral dress, or a cardigan over a tshirt and skinnies, or a giant chunky jumper over pjs.  Am I right?

For new or casual readers - my wardrobe is based on what fits me as a taller than average woman.  I don't usually wear a specific size in tops, unless I'm buying actual Tall range items.  This is probably most apparent in knitwear, since I like oversized sweaters and cardigans, which helps with the inevitable sleeve and body length problems.  I love menswear and charity shops especially for finding items that fit the way I want, as you're about to find out...  Also I can wear whatever I like to work, so there's no division needed in my wardrobe - almost everything needs to be suitable for everyday use.

The Basics
grey jumper - H&M, burgundy jumper - H&M, black jumper - Long Tall Sally (here)
purple cardigan - H&M mens, navy cardigan - Long Tall Sally (here), blue cardigan - Gap mens
These cardigans live in the wardrobe all year, as does the black jumper.  They go with most of my other clothes and are worn at least half the week.  The purple and blue cardigans have gone a bit bobbly, the Gap one disappointingly quickly, but I still love them.  The Gap one even has pockets, the holy grail of ladies clothing!

The Menswear
mickey jumper - Topman, penguin jumper - Run and Fly, goofy jumper - Topman via charity shop
tan jumper - EWM via charity shop, navy jumper - M&S via charity shop
These ones come out in the fall to spring rotation, although only the Mickey and penguin ones have been in my wardrobe for longer than a few months.  The cashmere jumper was my bargain of the year - at £1.85, extra large AND navy, it's something I know I'll love until it falls to pieces.  I'm not sure if the Topman/Disney jumpers were originally from the same collection, but I swear they're the only 'novelty' part of my otherwise age appropriate wardrobe.  Unless we're counting the penguins.  (A Christmas present from Tam last year,  My reaction?  'Hahahaha one of them is drunk!')

The Chunky Knits
cream cable jumper - M&S mens via charity shop, black ribbed jumper - TTYA4LTS (here), green jumper - handknit via charity shop
red cardigan - TK Maxx mens, green cardigan - handmade by Mother
My favourite part of the wardrobe come mid-winter.  I seem to have a habit of picking cold flats to live in, so these babies are a lifesaver on the coldest days.  The bobbly, verging-on-holey M&S cable knit is so soft and warm, I've taken to wearing it probably more than I should, given its age...  

The Hand Knit Twin Set
jumper and cardigan - handmade by Mother from this pattern
Yeah...I begged Mother to make me a twin set (after binging on too many period dramas no doubt) and it turned out to be a bit chunky to wear both pieces at the same time, despite the 4ply wool.  I blame the cable/ribbing.  As with my green cardigan above, she measured the sleeves out to make them longer for me then added an extra bit 'just in case'.  So I have a cardigan with turned up sleeves, which is actually a great novelty since I'm used to sleeves being too short!  The jumper is my only shorter sleeved knitted item - I get cold too easily for bare arm skin.

The Randoms
fair isle cardigan - H&M, blue/white cardigan - BHS, granny cardigan - charity shop
blue jumper - H&M, grey sparkle jumper - Long Tall Sally
These are the odd ones out, the bits that can make themselves a bit awkward to style but that I love nonetheless.  I discovered last year that if I went up a few sizes in H&M that sleeves would be long enough, so I bought a bunch of jumpers in the post Christmas clearance sale.  The BHS one was another anomoly - it's actually a size down from my standard but the sleeves were somehow fine.  I think that distracted me from the fact that I own literally not one other pastel coloured item of clothing, but the length means it works with dresses just fine.  I also don't do sparkly things, but I really liked the style of this LTS jumper when I saw it in the sale last year so I gave it a go,  It's a little thinner and more fitted than my usual style but it gets fairly regular outings to my work.

And that's my knitwear!  Phew, you've probably seen half my wardrobe in that one post.  And a lot of it being worn in my outfit posts.  When I was writing up this post, I found a similar thing on Ella's blog - but hers has the edge in that all her knits are handmade!  I may as well admit that those levels of patience for knitting are beyond me so I'm a bit jealous of her collection...



  1. You have no idea how much I enjoyed this post! Haha. As another Scottish person, I really appreciate a good, wooly jumper/cardigan. Can't wait to break out my favourite fair isle yoke neck jumper, hopefully in the next few weeks! Ella's knitwear collection is insane! So jealous.

    1. Yay I love when it's time for the favourite sweaters to come out again! :)

  2. I love these kinds of posts, I think I just really enjoy being nosy! I find knitwear difficult, as much as I love the slouchy, baggy jumper look, it's really unflattering on me. I end up looking like a big-bosomed farmer's wife on her way to milk the cows, instead of a sylph-like sexy chick who's borrowed her boyfriend's jumper.

    1. Haha this made me snort a bit, you paint a vivid picture! ;) nothing wrong with the farmer look though...

  3. I love this sort of post as well, although the thought of doing that with my own fills me with dread.

    1. You could have a whole week of dress pictures! I'd like to see that ;)


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