Thursday, 16 October 2014

The end of Super Summer, Take Two

I think we can say summer is well and truly over now!  I was giving my Super Summer list until the end of September since I knew there was a few I would do towards the end, and I'm pleased to say most activities were ticked off.  Let's start with the good ones...

A Definite Yes
I went camping (twice!) - once in Ardnamurchan and once in Moffat.
I drank cocktails that Tam's mum and I made - we mixed wine, lemonade and a bunch of fruit and called it Sangria.
I watched the sunset with Tam at Ardnamurchan.  It was beautiful.  We did this a few times in the summer, most recently in Blackpool.
I went to a water park.  It was satisfactory.  And pricey.
I sat on a deck chair on North Pier.  It was just hanging out waiting for me to come along and tick off my list.  It was less comfortable than I expected.
I visited many Scottish islands!  Rum and Eigg and Arran and Inchcolm.  I can't choose a favourite.  But I did come this close to applying for a job on Canna last week so that little cluster was among the top of my list.
I went to Blackpool.  And we won a minion there.  And another one up here, taking our total to five.  We have a problem.
I made more videos - we captured the local fair day and a trip to Burntisland on what may have been the windiest day of the year.  Parsnip and I nearly went over a cliff!  (Dramatic?  Me?)  My boss is going to teach me to edit them so no-one has to hear me telling Tam to wave.
I visited Yorkshire before my friend moved to Ireland, via Scotland to get married.
I visited two lighthouses - one at the most westerly point on the Scottish mainland, and another at North Queensferry.  It was so tiny I have no idea how Tam and I both got in there.

Kind Of Achieved
I was in the sea multiple times...whether I actually swam could be debated...I'd say probably not, although I did get waist high in Rum.  It's just too cold up here, even in June!
My friend had a ceilidh band at her wedding and we danced every single I reckon this counts as going to a ceilidh.
Tam claims that our current holiday (the one we're on right now that this post has been scheduled not to interrupt) could count as a group holiday but I'd say it's more of a family one...  And it's definitely outside the time limit.
I have knitted a few wee hats for the Big Knit, but the deadline is later this year so I haven't given it a great push yet.  Soon!
We didn't have a beach BBQ, mostly because I forgot about this one - we cooked dinner on a camp fire and had an actual BBQ in the garden though.

Definitely Did Not Do This
I didn't get to sleep in a camper van (they cost a LOT to hire, you guys), nor a hammock.  No idea where I'd find one of them lying about to be honest.  Trying surfing failed for the same reason.
Much to my disappointment, a distillery was not visited.  Yet.
I didn't walk across the Forth Road Bridge.  Still really want to do this but I have a raging hatred for windy weather, so maybe winter won't be the best time to fulfill the dream...
I also didn't do the Great Scottish Run.  My uncle did though and he only started running a few months ago.  Folk like that make my injury plagued body crazy jealous.

I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I achieved from the list!  Tam was good at reminding me of various points on it, but I think we both forgot a few that needed more effort to complete.  There's always next summer...



  1. Wow you've been busy! And you're right - for whatever doesn't get done, there's always next summer :) Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later!
    ~ Samantha

    1. Yeah I'm sensing the start of a long winter now, it's a bit depressing!

  2. Well done on getting so many things ticked off the list, what a grand summer! I struggle with the list-making part, tbh.

    1. Thanks, it was productive than I first thought! Ugh I don't usually like lists like this but it seemed like a fun idea at the time...

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer! I want to visit some Scottish islands next summer and I think I'll be heading to Orkney although Arran is on my list for a camping trip! I love a good ceilidh too, I'm glad to hear you danced every dance!

    1. Ooh Orkney is top of our list too! Altho I also want to try Shetland for all the knitting ;)


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