Monday, 24 November 2014

#dearsally - Holiday Season with Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally have created a fun Christmas campaign this year called 'Dear Sally', a Tall themed spin on the traditional letter to Santa.  I was asked to create a few outfits from their recent collections for the holiday season and, perhaps most importantly, a wish list to send up the Long Tall Sally chimney.  Read on for some inspiration on how to dress those long limbs this winter...

Christmas Shopping
biker style jacket - rose sweater - tile print cords - buckle ankle boots 
A good pair of boots is high on the list of things that need replaced in my wardrobe.  These buckled beauties are perfect for teaming with just about everything and look like they'll stand up to the rainy weather that will inevitably appear when I go to the shops.  The practical aspect of this outfit appeals to me, but I like the dash of reds with the darks to make things more festive.

Christmas Day
chenille cardigan - floral jersey dress - 80 denier tights - loafers
Comfort is top priority at our house on Christmas day!  I'm a devotee of a good jersey dress with some thick black tights and a big loose cardigan.  Loafers are as close to slippers as shoes can be, something that makes my feet more willing to part with their squishy cushions to go visit family before dinner.

Christmas Party
leather style jacket - embellished top - tapered trousers - leopard ballerinas
I'm not really one for getting dressed up, so this outfit is pretty much just a fancy version of my regular wear.  I'm loving these leopard print shoes - I've nothing against wearing heels, despite my height, but I think these party shoes are great for keeping things chic AND comfortable.  

Christmas Presents
fox pjs - check dressing gown - check trousers - moccasin slippers - gift card
snood scarf - fox sweater - chunky knit hat and scarf - robin sweater - chelsea boots
Pyjamas are the perfect Christmas gift, and Long Tall Sally has a great range.  My dressing gown could do with being replaced and this check set fits my style perfectly.  Some fluffy slippers to add to the pile wouldn't hurt either...  A festive jumper goes with any outfit - maybe an early pressie for someone special?  There's a variety of cosy accessories on offer too, which would be a great gift for anyone, and easy to add to the basket when you're buying that sparkly Christmas party outfit...  And if all else fails, I'm a big believer in the gift card.  It may seem impersonal, but add some chocolates and I'll be the happiest person around receiving one!

What's everyone hoping to find under the tree? 



  1. Love all of this, especially the Christmas Shopping outfit! I'm not taller than average (I don't think, anyway!) but I can pull of some Long Tall Sally items because I have long legs and a short torso, so they help balance me out :)

    1. That's my favourite too! Although I kinda love all of it, payday can't come quickly enough... ah that's useful, my friend is the opposite so she loves them too :)


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