Thursday, 11 December 2014

A trip to Craigtoun Park

Funny story about how this day trip came about.  My colleague was reviewing a film from the 1960's featuring that little building in the lake, and she couldn't figure out where it was.  I was having a slow day and was instantly intrigued when I saw it, so I helped her out on a Googling spree until we found it.  It turned out to be the Dutch village at Craigtoun Park near St Andrews.  Well, once I get obsessed with something I can't rest until I've found out as much as I can about it, which led to me persuading Tam to take us a day trip to St Andrews and the park.  And here we are!

We timed things a bit wrong in the end, because there was a Christmas fair on in the grounds and the place was a bit busy, but there were still a few quiet areas.  Unfortunately the Dutch village is closed for refurbishment right now, and looks like it might have been for a while, judging by the shape it was in.  That obviously drove me crazy too - I was dying to get an explore in there!  The only way in would have been taking a dip in the partly frozen lake, and even I wasn't that desperate...  There was so much else to see though, including the Italian garden and temple, that line of trees that made me feel like I was at Pemberley, and some deserted trampolines and a zip slide that had to be tested.  As a kid, trampolines and swings were my favourites, but as an adult I get almost instant motion sickness on them.  What's that all about?  Pah.

After our jaunt in the park, we made our way into St Andrews for lunch and some Christmas shopping, but it was pretty crowded so the camera didn't get much use.  I definitely want another trip up there after Christmas to explore more - it was starting to get dark at 3pm so we didn't even get to the castle and cathedral, lots more to see!

(There's some good info and some lovely old pictures of Craigtoun here.  If that film ever gets onto our website I'll add the link to it also.)



  1. Gorgeous place! I really need to get out and explore some local houses, I love them!

    1. Yes, do it! Nice and quiet in winter too :)


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