Monday, 29 December 2014

A trip to Tom Weir country

Earlier today, Tam and I paid a visit to Balmaha Bay at Loch Lomond to see a statue of Tom Weir being unveiled.  Google Maps was not keen to get us there without a bit of faffing first, but we made it without missing too much of the ceremony and with time to spare before the unveiling.  Today would have been Tom's 100th birthday, so it was a fun time to be there in the crowd with a bunch of fellow Weir's Way enthusiasts (as evidenced by the sea of red bobble hats!).  Tam was duly clad in his Tom Weir hat, which meant he was allowed into the official pictures at the end - if you're on the BBC website, he's the flash of dark hair behind Tom's head!  It was too busy for me to get a decent picture of the statue so head there to see it properly.

Afterwards we headed back along the road to Drymen, where we had sandwiches and cake and watched a fat robin hanging out on the tree outside.  We've had a few days relaxing at my house so we're now at Tam's for the new year, and I have not very much to do other than read and knit and crochet my fingers off.  Bliss!


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