Wednesday, 31 December 2014


My, but December was a busy month!  It began with me guest blogging on Two Days The Same with Sarah - today is my last day so do check out the pictures and show her some love.  There was a vast amount of knitting done too - mostly Tam's jumper, which I'll be blogging about soon. 

The window competition at work was a huge part of last month's knitting, so by the time December rolled around all I had to do was set it up.  It paid off though, because I won!  Personally I thought the Lego people stood a better chance (above we have Lego A decorating a Lego Christmas window) but I'm also really glad all the crafting paid off.  Except now I'll have to up my game for next year...

The window was judged on our Christmas night out, where we all had an excellent time, even when a couple of people claimed they didn't recognize me dressed up.  Maybe I have to up my game on the getting-dressed-for-work front too...  The night ended with me getting the worst sore throat ever and kick started over a week of illness, of which I wasn't the only casualty unfortunately.

The weekend after our party night, a few of us got into the cleaning on Monday morning then sat down for an early breakfast of tea and cake.  It didn't help the cold much but it sure was good cake.  (A colleague sent it to us from Sponge - four cakes in one!)  I wore my most cheery cardigan one day, possibly when I was sick of the rain...  Tam's mum made a penguin from one of the Save the Children Jumper Day patterns and we decided he was an explorer who wanted to scale the heights of the Christmas tree.  He's still up there surveying the room!

Last year Tam got me a less than tasty ale for Christmas, so when I spotted this one I had to buy it for him.  I think it matched the quality of mine...  I went to the library the week before Christmas to stock up on reading material for the holiday - I love that there's so many libraries in Glasgow and that you can borrow from and return books to any of them.  There's a few in close vicinity to me so I tried a new one and it's definitely my favourite.  The staff were lovely and helped me re-order books that the app had got mixed up.  I'll be back there next month for more!

Tam and I exchanged gifts the weekend before Christmas, hence the rush to finish the jumper!  One of my favourite things I found for him was a book called '642 Things to Draw' - I find wandering around Waterstones a good source of inspiration for Tam gifts, and he loves this so I'm pretty pleased with myself.  (And it has a follow up book so if he ever finishes it I have a great idea for his birthday ;))  I got a book about Glasgow cinemas and a handmade Blackpool zine, a Scotland calendar and a canvas of one of my photos.  Tam is also good at the gift giving.

The same weekend, we went to see the local football team play - I haven't been to football in years and it was a lot of fun, if super cold by the time we ended the game victorious.  Worth it though!  Possibly just trumping football though, was a trip to see It's a Wonderful Life at the local cinema.  It sold out last year so Tam's mum bought us tickets a month ago to be sure we got in.  It was as great as ever and I left feeling very festive and warm.

And then it was Christmas!  Then Tom Weir day, then lots of chilling out, walking Parsnip and eating sushi for lunch on a week day.  Holidays rock.

Happy New Year everyone!


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