Thursday, 26 June 2014

A trip to East Neuk of Fife

Tam and I went up to St Monans again recently to see what Sea Queen Day was all about.  I'd read about it in a festival brochure, and East Neuk was so beautiful the last time we went that I was dying to take another trip.  As you can see, it was beautiful this time too.  We wandered the stalls, bought home baking and BBQ'd burgers, saw the Sea Queen arriving by boat and walked up to the castle again.  After listening to a choir of children forget the words to 'Let It Go' from Frozen, we got back in the car and went further up to Crail, where we'd heard there was a food festival happening.  It was busy but not much of a festival...  I did discover a whole foods shop with lots of goodies though!  We came back by Anstruther to go to the best chippy ever (and it really was) - we've now been to two of the three chippies there and they were both the best I've ever had.  Must tick off the third next!

p.s. I've been guest blogging over at Scot Bloggers about our visit to Kinloch Castle, my new my dreams...  Check it out!


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Recent Awesomeness #3

Lately I've been eating tons of salad/bruscetta - it's so easy and quick to make, my favourite kind of food!
Look at cute wee Parsnip behaving himself.
I got one of these RJ's Liquorice Logs from a whole foods shop at Crail and it was so good I went right back for two more!  They're proving a bit expensive to buy online so I need to find a local supplier...
 Guess where we went to the chippy last weekend?  Best fish and chips ever!
I realised my bedside table had become a mass of STUFF lately.  I need to stop acquiring books... (but OMG FINAL GAME OF THRONES BOOKS!)
Also in the whole foods shop - the best dark chocolate buttons ever.  That was a good weekend, food-wise...
Honey Nut Loops are no longer Honey Nut Loops!  When did this happen?!  Madness!  Side note - if those tiny variety packs are anything to go by, I've been way overestimating my portion sizes...
My friend and I went to Glasgow on Saturday and found an amazing ice cream place, Crollas.  I had coconut and Snickers with sprinkles and raspberry sauce, perfect.
I'm almost finished my shower gel and ready to break out my handmade Rum soap scrub.  It smells amazing, I can't wait to try it.


Monday, 23 June 2014

A trip to the west coast of Scotland - Eigg and Mallaig again

Day five of the holiday, and we took a much shorter walk to another beach, then walked back to the village, stopping for the best ice cream I've ever had (made in the kitchen of one of the locals and served in her front garden) and to admire the beautiful blue waters of the harbour.   We had a last paddle in the sea before catching the boat back to Arisaig.  We collected the car and drove up to Mallaig, where we stayed in another lovely hotel and ate an amazing dinner - Tam had a fisherman's lunch platter, so much fish and cheese!  I got excited in the morning when I found tiny jam in the dining room, then we packed up and headed home via Fort William.  We stopped there for a wander, found a fab secondhand bookshop and bought pic n mix in a cute sweet shop.

And that's our holiday!  I still can't pick a favourite place - although Tam won't stop talking about moving over to Eigg and becoming self sufficient.  I have to keep pointing out his lack of business plans, but I quite like the idea myself...


Friday, 20 June 2014

Feelin' blue...

cardigan - Gap mens
tshirt - Long Tall Sally
trousers - H&M
loafers - M&S
I'm loving these trousers lately.  The weather has gone all warm and I'm staying cool in my cute work outfits!  I've got this cold office/hot staff room thing cracked!  And hey, I've changed locations!  I left my tripod at Tam's place after taking it on holiday (and not using it, typical...) so I've switched to the living room in order to find a decent balancing surface.  I quite like it actually.  

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A trip to the west coast of Scotland - Mallaig, Rum and Eigg

The middle of the holiday...  We went to Mallaig and caught the ferry over to Rum.  It was a great wee trip over - I ate chips, did some knitting and we took some videos of the fab view.  When we arrived on Rum we dumped our bags in the super cabin we rented (here) and headed along to Kinloch Castle for a tour.  The rest of the day involved a CRAZY LONG walk to the beach, some 'mini swimming' (getting in as far as my knees...), an ever so slightly shorter walk back (we thumbed a lift) and cooking up camp food whilst trying to avoid all the midgies in Scotland.  The next day we visited two craft huts and had lunch in the village hall before getting the boat over to Eigg.

We loved Eigg even more than Rum.  The weather was shocking when we arrived (and the rest of the night) but the locals were all super friendly.  Plus we stayed in a yurt! (here)  With a sheep!  Ok the sheep was outdoors.  Mostly.  I let it in to visit the next morning.  Tam was not impressed.  Neither was the sheep really.  


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The weight of library books...

I finished my tiny book pile!  Look out for some tiny reviews soon...  I dropped by the library on the way home from work last night to pick up some new train reading.  I actually went with the intention of borrowing the final Game of Thrones book(s) but they had to order the first part for me so I came home with a few randoms instead.  

I usually actively avoid any 'popular' books and I've been hearing about this Fangirl book seemingly everywhere, but it was sitting in the New section and I was in a hurry so I grabbed it on the basis that it was vaguely familiar looking.  Longbourn is one that's been on my list for ages, especially after Janet gave it a rave review (in fact I think she maybe talked up Fangirl too?).  I adore Pride and Prejudice (book, movie AND TV show, a rare occurence!) and I'm looking forward to another take on it.  I missed the film of Labor Day and thought it looked like an interesting story, hence this book ending up in my pile.  I love having a good stack of library books in my hand - free culture!

Has anyone read these?  Are they all worth a look?


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A trip to the west coast of Scotland - Ardnamurchan and Acharacle

Last week Tam and I took a holiday up the west coast.  Our first stop was Ardnamurchan, where we visited the lighthouse at the most westerly point of the Scottish mainland, and made friends with a cute doggy who wanted to play a game of 'fetch the stones'.  We went a walk on Sanna Bay whilst scouting for a camping location and found a tiny shop selling local produce, where we bought some chives to cook with our potatoes and beans on the campfire.  After a very rainy night (in which we discovered that the tent is not waterproof.  So that's good to know.) we packed up the car again and went a drive to Ardtoe Beach, which was beautiful and peaceful and cold...  Then we had to check out Castle Tioram.  Unfortunately the inside is no longer accessible, but we had a good walk on the beach and up the outside of the building (and round the other side, just to make properly sure we couldn't get in...).  

That night we stayed in the most gorgeous hotel (we had the Acnaig room, so pretty!), then the next day we headed over to Rum for the first of two island visits.  More soon...


Monday, 16 June 2014

Current knitting...

A combination of Deramores having a sale on their 4ply wool (85p a ball!) and discovering Mochimochi Land patterns (this book is sitting patiently in my Amazon wishlist) means my next knitting projects might well be teeny tiny ones...
First though, I need to finish the two big ones I've got going!  Yes, I'm knitting yet another chevron baby blanket.  I love this pattern so much, it's great for doing in front of the TV at night.  Tam's cousin had a baby last month so I really need to get moving on this...  I'm using five different colours - purple, yellow and shades of pink.  I'm not really a fan of pink but I like them all together.
My second WIP has been going since before Christmas.  It's a scarf for my friend and I'm about two thirds done.  I'm using this pattern from Lion Brand and I HATE it.  It's not complicated but I somehow keep ending up with the wrong number of stitches and having to backtrack or knit two together to get it back to normal.  I've been knitting it like crazy the past few days to try and get it finished so hopefully I can stop looking at it soon...

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