Thursday, 25 September 2014

TTYA x Long Tall Sally

Attention tall ladies!  You know the two most awesome tall brands out there right now, Taller Than Your Average and Long Tall Sally?  They've teamed up to make a super mega awesome capsule collection!  (Nope, I'm not ashamed to have used the words Super, Mega and Awesome in the same sentence.  It's valid.)  I want everything.  It's all the oversizing, minimal, neutral style I love.  I was lucky enough to be given one of my favourite pieces to review, this giant snuggly funnel neck jumper, which I've teamed up with my trusty black LTS jeans and new boots from H&M.  I'm wearing a size small here, which gives me plenty of room to layer things up come winter.  Or next week when summer inevitably ends.  I suspect that might come first...

Check out the pictures below to see more of the collection.  It launches on the Long Tall Sally website today and I suspect a few pieces will sell out pretty quickly (yeti coat anyone?).  I've got my eye on the black longline blazer...  Time to start the Christmas list!
scuba biker jacket - double breasted longline jacket & tapered trouser - metallic cami & ripped skinny jeans
stripe wrap shirt - removable collar dress - metallic cami & metallic pencil skirt

*I was gifted the jumper to review but as always, all views are my own*


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A trip to the Winter Gardens

An extra little slice of Blackpool, for anyone who didn't get enough last time.  We were staying very close to the Winter Gardens, a vintage architecture lovers dream.  So, mine.  We had a bit of a wander here one afternoon when it was gloriously quiet and easy to take a lot of pictures without people getting in the way.  Because I never get in anyone's way ever, obviously.  There's so many lovely details and decorations to see, all styled up in gorgeous art deco.  My favourite part was the plaque at the door which was dedicated to all the people who fell in love at the Winter Gardens, it was very sweet.  We didn't actually see a show because I have no patience for theatre (the over-acting makes me cringe, among other things) but I'd love to go back and see more of the venue.  I asked about doing a tour but it turned out we missed the next one by a week.  Must plan our next trip better!


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

At the weekend

Tam came down to Glasgow this weekend and we visited a bunch of places participating in Doors Open Day.  The highlight was finally getting a trip to the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre - I've wanted to have a nosey here for ages and this seemed like the perfect time.  It didn't disappoint, and the only negative thing about the tour was that it wasn't nearly long enough to look in every room and see every item.  We also visited the Girl Guiding Headquarters (I'm reading this book at the moment so it seemed appropriate!) on Saturday, then on Sunday we went to the Puppet and Mask centre (very small and I didn't actually see any masks...) and the Huntarian, another place I've wanted to check out for a while.  They have a collection of Mackintosh sketches on display right now which were interesting to see - I always like looking at other people's style of drawing and berate myself for not practising more.

We had a walk through Kelvingrove park afterwards and went to see the newly refurbished bandstand, and even got to go inside.  It only consists of a couple of dressing rooms and a kitchen but my curiosity had to be satisfied!  The weather was gorgeous all day too, summer may possibly have made a brief return...


Monday, 22 September 2014

Back to black

I finally got a remote for my camera and, after digging my tripod back out after moving, I had to try it out.  I actually got it for my birthday at the end of July and can't believe it's taken me this long to test.  It makes taking outfit pictures so much easier!  Admittedly, it would have been even quicker if I'd managed to get the cable plugged in properly to begin with, but the less said about that the better.  (It's a bit shameful that my job title has the word 'technical' in it and I still manage to do daft things like not push cables in far enough...)  

This outfit is a classic mixture of new and old.  I recently found the trench coat on eBay, it's made a good replacement to my old summer coat.  The tunic was from the H&M sale a few months ago and I finally got a chance to wear it after purchasing some new leggings from Long Tall Sally (two pairs for £25!).  I don't know why I ignored leggings for so long, they're ridiculously comfy and I think they manage to look fairly smart here.  My boots were found in America last year - I was looking for this type of style everywhere and ended up having to visit four different branches before I found my size.  Persistence paid off there I think!  They're rubbish in the rain unfortunately but I guess they'll work before we get deep into the soggy winter season.

coat - Topshop Tall via eBay
scarf - Jigsaw via charity shop
tunic - H&M
boots - DSW


Monday, 8 September 2014

A trip to Blackpool

Apparently Tam and I are not satisfied with just one summer holiday.  Anyway, June was aaaages ago.  It was still cold then!  We booked the Blackpool trip a bit last minute, mostly down to me being put in charge of sorting this holiday.  And if there's one thing I hate, it's sorting out the logistics of things.  I will do anything to avoid actually doing the really very quick and simple job of booking a couple of train tickets and a hotel room.  My brain dies of boredom.  But book it I did, and if I may say, my timing was impeccable.  This was our first holiday with no rain!  The weather was beautiful the entire week, we were very lucky.

Our hotel was directly opposite North Pier, another stroke of luck (or excellent planning on my part.  Yeah, that sounds better.)  It was the perfect place to have as a base, meaning we could wander the piers, catch the tram or peruse the charity shops easily and still have a rest before dinner.  We crammed so much into the four-and-a-bit days, but it never felt like we were overdoing it, especially when we were sitting on North Pier in the sunshine, drinking coffee (Tam), knitting (me) and listening to old time tunes.  Obviously there was plenty of visits to the amusements too - we had especially good luck on an ancient 2p machine in Fleetwood. These little things make me happy.

We rode the carousel and big wheel, went flume riding at the water park, paddled in the sea, ate chips, chips and more chips, raced plastic camels, took a tiny ferry, bought amazing cake from a wee village bakery, gingerly stepped out onto the glass floor at the top of the tower (one of us did anyway...and I got myself off it again pretty quickly), took pictures in a photo booth, took pictures everywhere actually, found so many old and interesting buildings, went insane collecting tickets from amusement machines, drank beer in the sunshine, sent postcards and generally had a merry old time.  Roll on the next holiday!

(p.s. Who remembers that Billy Connolly song about the wellies?  We had to learn it at school when I was eight and perform it at assembly - whilst wearing our wellies of course.)

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