Thursday, 1 January 2015

12 Awesome Moments from 2014 (and a bonus one from 2015)

I'm mostly talking about moments I haven't blogged about already in this post, because throughout the year, it seems easier to blog the bigger things than the little ones.  They just seem to get lost in the shuffle of all those digital photo albums - although doing Two Days the Same in December helped with that a bit.  It's at times like these I wish I was better at keeping a diary, but I always seem to get so far through the year then get bored of writing.  And let's face it, most days can sound the same when you're working full time and spending your nights knitting and watching Netflix.  Maybe I'll make a better effort this year, but just in case I don't make it, look out for another of these posts next year...

January was the month of staying indoors.  It was cold and miserable outside, so we mostly stayed in and played records and found many fun places to hang the minions.  This picture makes me laugh because of that wee yellow face looking quite happy about his fate, swinging from the coat hook.

We made it outside in February!  There still wasn't much happening so I didn't blog much, although this was a pretty cool day trip.  We took a walk to the falls at Callander and the landscape was like something out Lord of the Rings, albeit on a much smaller scale.  There was gushing water and vast rocks and a dog who refused to cross the vibrating bridge...

In March we went to Aberfeldy for a few days.  Although we squeezed lot of activity into the holiday, one of the best bits was sitting on the sofa at the end of the day, chilling out with a beer and knitting.

April arrived, and we spent a super windy Saturday in Burntisland, almost getting blown over the rocks into the sea.  Obviously, this was the ideal time for Tam's first paddle of the year.  (I can't remember when mine was, but it was undoubtedly much later!)

I started my new job as a technical film archivist in March, but by May it felt like I'd learned a lot, got to know everyone better and had at least a vague idea of what I was doing.  I still love it there - it's such an interesting job and I can't believe I get paid to do it.

Our first summer holiday arrived in June, and we went off on a tour of the west coast of Scotland.  It was one of my favourite holidays.  The (mostly) nice weather probably helped but I love seeing other parts of my country and how different and the same everywhere else is.  This picture is from Eigg beach, when we were waiting on the ferry back to Arisaig.  The water there was so blue I just wanted to dive into it - the temperatures and jellyfish deterred me though...

I normally delete these mistaken blurry pictures, but I kept this just to remember the day - I was wearing my favourite dress, necklace and trainers, carrying the camera and bag I do every day, and visiting another castle.  It seemed like capturing a normal moment in time that I'd look back at in the future and remember how good it was.

This was my favourite birthday present from Tam - a drawing of the Hippodrome in Bo'ness, one of my favourite cinemas, and the oldest in Scotland!  It now lives on the wall next to my desk at work, so I have something nice to look at when my eyes are crossed from staring at film.

My friend and I had a day out at Largs for the Viking Festival, and although we went specially for the battle re-enactment and boat burning, it was a bit cold and noisy and we couldn't really see anything.  We decided to walk back to the car and just hope we saw the fireworks.  They started when we were walking by a beach, so we sat on the sand and watched the whole thing, and it was totally worth it.

I know I blogged this picture on the Loch Rannoch trip post but it was my favourite one of the year so I'm sharing it again.  It's always a stroke of luck to get a good picture of Parsnip but to get one of all three of us is some kind of miracle, hence it being a highlight.

November saw another trip to the castle, this time with a picnic and my three best buddies.  I've visited here a few times now, and my friend Moffat many more, but we almost always see something we've never noticed before.  This record player was in one of the outbuildings and we all gave a delighted gasp when we came across it.  Funny how it was 'hidden' until now!

Work got very creative with the window competition, but this one was an unexpected delight.  My colleague had a Lego themed window, and with no reindeer to speak of, she did some improvising with Twiglets and blu tack.  We had the giggles for ages after it was revealed.

And that's 2014!  It was one of my favourites I think.  And here's a bonus picture from this year, taken about an hour after the new year bells rang.  We went into the garden with sparklers and the camera set on long exposure and tried to take cool pictures.  It had...mixed results.  My camera is so temperamental and wouldn't work for most shots, so we had to just wing it.  This one turned out pretty cool though, and I got to feel like a kid again with the sparkler in hand.

Happy new year everyone, and thanks for reading!



  1. I *love* this post! I don't usually have much interest in other people's annual round ups - I've read all the stories before; I pretty much see these posts as written for the blogger rather than the reader (or for the easy clicks and improved stats...) - but it's lovely to see a year's worth of smaller moments.

    1. I toyed with doing that kind of list but figured it would be kinda boring for all involved, this one is more fun :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post Elise. Great idea to share one out-take from each month!

  3. Happy new year! I love the reindeer, that's brilliant!

  4. I love a round up post! It looks like you had a really lovely year and it was nice to stumble upon your blog!

    Love Lauren from Lauren Loves Blog x

    1. It was fun! And now I've stumbled on yours too :)

  5. Love the photo of the 3 of you :). And that lego reindeer/horse is brilliant!!

    1. There were many fits when the reindeer was unveiled, it'll need a new awesome disguise now!


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