Monday, 26 January 2015

The Big Blog Clothes Swap

You might have seen this around the blogosphere already but I wanted to give it an extra shout out - The Big Blog Clothes Swap, set up by Janet and Steph.  A clothes swap in itself is all well and good, but what if you don't live in a city, or have an average clothing size, or just plain like a bit of an unusual style?  That's where the blog clothes swap comes in.  You fill in your details from the info on Janet's blog and email it to her, where it will all be collected up and you'll be assigned a partner.  You can then consult their blog to get an idea of how they like to dress, or just send any items you already earmarked for the swap and wait to see how they style them up!

The other great thing about this swap is that you don't even need to swap clothes if you don't want to - shoes, bags and accessories are included too!  Only if you're up for that, otherwise just state your preferred garments to receive and you're good to go.  

Go sign up now, and enjoy a new outfit for the cost it takes to send a parcel!



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