Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A trip to Aviemore

It was a perfect snowstorm of a weekend up at Aviemore last week.  Quite literally.  We set off on the Friday morning and, after stopping for a quick lunch, got caught up in a brief blizzard blowing all across the road.  Then we took a wrong turn when trying to find our cottage and one of the locals had to turn us around.  Again, quite literally.  All that snow was not good for my lowlander blood pressure.  The log fire in the cottage made up for it though - we were so toasty that Parsnip shunned the living room completely and went to hang out in the hall!  He just has more insulation than us...

Saturday brought a day of on and off snow storms, but we decided to try and make it into town.  This involved running out the door when the snow went off, shoveling the driveway and brushing the car down, then driving super slowly in order not to coast off track into the loch.  It worked very nicely, and we were perusing the charity shops and eating lunch and cake in no time.  The fire went on again when we got back, but not before a mighty snowman was brought to life in the garden.  Let's call him Tom, since he borrowed the Tom Weir hat briefly.

On Sunday morning we were packing up and heading home.  The lady who owns the cottages was kind enough to come and help Tam shovel the driveway again, so we made it out without too much sliding.  The snow was heavy on the way down but it petered out as we got closer to home and, touch wood, the past week has been snow free.  In fact yesterday was rather mild!  I could even see daylight out the gym window for a while, which made me smile with the thought of spring being around the corner, and the summer holiday that we can start planning now!


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