Sunday, 1 February 2015

Blogs I Love - The Latest Finds

The last installment of my Blogs I Love series is here!  Today is all about the blogs I've come across recently and happily made return visits to.  Some are big and some are small, but all have a lovely authentic quality to their writing and it's easy to see the love that goes into each post.  I've broken things down into two categories today since there's quite a few, and I'll update my Blog Love tab soon with all these blogs and more.

Anyone who hangs around here long enough is aware of my love of crafting, specifically anything yarn based.  Most of these bloggers are about all things knitting - I have niche tastes!

Ella Gordon - beautiful knitting from a textile maker in Shetland.
Fjord Girl - gorgeous pictures of yarn and nature, a great combination.
In Which a Bit of an Enthusiast - a sewing blogger with excellent style, Louise is colourful and fun!
Knit The Hell Out - there's always a lovely knitting project here to look at and read about.
Lizzy Likes Cake - Lizzy has a knack for knitting cardigans I'd like to steal for myself.
Mochimochi Land - teeny tiny knitted things!  I have the book but still haven't made anything tiny.  Yet.
My Life in Knitwear - some knitting, some life, lots of lovely.
Raincloud and Sage - there's always a pretty picture and something interesting to read over there.
Slugs On The Refrigerator - a crochet blog by a photographer living on a farm in Scotland - wonderful!
Stitches and Spoonfuls - a mixture of knitting and baking and general loveliness.
Untangling Knots - a knitter and sometimes sewist, Andi has a great vintage style.
Yarn Harlot - lots of writing and knitting and writing about knitting.  I have no idea how Steph fits it all in!

^^^Yeah, the crafters take up a lot of my blog browsing time!  These guys are equally awesome though, and provide a nice break from the stream of yarn pictures and my 'why can't I knit that much?!' inner monologue.

Adventures Around Scotland - the name gives it away a bit, but there's also lots of great info on hidden gems.
Alive As Always - it's all about outfits and art here, a winning combination!
Cecilia in the Rain - a mash up of life and knitting and all round good stuff.
Duck in a Dress - Louise is a champ at a good round-up post and she just made coasters from biscuit wrappers!
Grass Flower - Artha is a talented young photographer and illustrator and I love seeing where she's been visiting.
Natbee's Fashion - a fun style blog based in Aberdeen, it's great seeing what Anastasia is wearing in my climate!
Not Quite Enough - Lisa is a Londoner with a blog full of places to explore down there - and delicious food pics!
Postcard Daydreams - a book blog with a ton of good recommendations for my style of reading.
Scallywag Sprints - some fitness inspiration from a fellow Scot!  I'm striving to be a little bit as fit as Fiona.
The Dainty Squid - amazing photography, lots featuring abandoned buildings and globes.  Perfect.
The Only Place - a London travel type blog with loads of lovely pictures, and it recently featured a PIZZA BUS.
The Perfect Hiding Place - Jo has a lifestyle slash craft blog and I love it all.  



  1. Aren't you kind! Thanks for the mention and it's very pleasing to be called colourful heehee! Louise x

  2. What a nice surprise so see this today - thank you for the link and the lovely words - and lots of reading tips as well, always a bonus!

    1. Hope you find more lovely blogs!

  3. I found some great reads last time I went through your suggested links so I can't wait to get through some of theses!

    1. Yay hope there's plenty to like! :)

  4. This series has been proper ace! I only recognise a handful of these so that means I've got lots to visit! bookmarking for a proper perusal later :)

    1. Hopefully you'll find more you like! :)

  5. I've bookmarked a bunch to check out! I like hearing about people's favourite blogs!

    1. Me too, I love finding good stuff to read!

  6. Aww thanks for the shout out lovely! I've loved reading your round ups, I've now got what seems like 50 tabs open to check out all the links! :-) xx

    1. Haha ace! I'm sure I'll find more blogs to share soon :)


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