Saturday, 28 February 2015

February in Books

I read two books in February.  Two.  That might be my lowest total ever.  

I read Yes Please by Amy Poehler at the start of the month.  It was fantastic, and a much quicker read than the weight of it would have us believe.  Part memoir, part advice, it was great to get inside the head of one of my favourite actresses and realise she's so much more than just Leslie Knope.  Although...she's still one of the best characters I've seen on TV, and everything good that you've heard about this book is true.

I finished this five days into February and then... nothing.  Everything I picked up and started was of no interest to me.  I tried to read a book on the history of Glasgow cinemas, a subject that I normally can't get enough of, and got bored of it.  I started Round Ireland With a Fridge and actually read it (super slowly) for a week or so before I realised that the whole point of the book was a bit, well, pointless.  I really didn't care if someone could hitchhike around Ireland dragging a fridge with them to win a one hundred pound bet, especially since he already paid out more than that before the challenge started!  It was quite funny in the telling but not enough to make me keep reading.

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke turned out to be just what I needed to break my unlucky streak.  A charity shop find from last weekend, it was well worth the 50p price tag.  I've read a few of her books before and thought they were interesting (even if I did have a small tantrum at the end of the Inkheart trilogy...) and this one was the usual mixture of magic and mystery and danger.  Set in Venice, brothers Prosper and Bo have run away from their horrid aunt and uncle and are taken in by a bunch of street kids and their 'protector', the Thief Lord.  However, the real adventure starts when the Thief Lord accepts the task of stealing a seemingly random object for a mysterious purpose.  Yes this book is aimed at children, but that doesn't make the story any less appealing, and I loved all the characters, especially bumbling detective Victor, whom the author helpfully noted pre-story was 'exactly like Bob Hoskins'.  

I've dived straight into my next book, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North, and am making good progress.  Probably because the library only let me borrow it for two weeks, a practise I've never heard of before.  I don't normally go for 'popular' books but the blogosphere made this sound so good I had to give it a go.

Has anyone else read these?  


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