Monday, 23 February 2015

Finished Crochet - Lace Collars

When Janet mentioned that she loved adding crochet collars to her dresses, I had a lightbulb moment.  Couldn't I make a crochet collar for her myself?  Surely learning to crochet isn't just about making creepy amigurumi and impossible scarves?  It would seem that the world thought so though, since Ravelry turned up surprisingly little in the 'crochet collar' department.  The one pattern that stood out was this one from Lulu Loves, and it was perfect.  There was a suggested number of chains given to start with, which I used the first time with green 4 ply wool, but I was a bit worried it was a little small in the end, so for the peach one I added a few chains and used DK wool.  The pattern also suggested sewing the collars onto the clothing since they can move around a bit, but I just added a couple of odd buttons from my stash to finish them off.  I'll let Janet be the judge of the sewing requirements!

Each collar came together in less than two hours.  It was maybe even closer to one, but I was making them in a stop-start manner in between work tasks so I didn't actually time it.  The peach one also has a row less than the green one - I was experimenting a bit.  I'd love to make more in the future so if I know anyone else that wears these, make yourself known now!


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