Thursday, 19 February 2015

Finished Knitting - The Cornish Dormouse Tea Cosy

The tea cosy is finished!  I blogged a bit about the process already, but here's the background again.  My friend requested a tea cosy with 'a mouse that goes in the top of it.  Like the Mad Hatter one.'  After she realised a knitted mouse would get stained and soggy, she agreed to pick another theme.  Then I found this pattern.  She totally loved it, and no amount of trying to get her interested in a cupcake shaped one would persuade her otherwise.  So off I went.

The body is made with two strands of DK wool in two parts, and it came together pretty quickly.  Then I took a break.  I'm not sure why now, although the other thing I was knitting was a bit better to transport, which always bumps things up the queue a bit for me.  I went back to it last week and knit up the mouse pieces and the rim, and Saturday afternoon was spent putting all the pieces together.  It's a little noticeable on the side pictures that the bottom of the join was a tight squeeze, but I put this down to my habit of knitting tightly, which the double stranded technique doesn't help with.  The mouse was made of single strand DK and has head, ears, arms, tail and a circular 'body' that fits around the top of the cosy.  

Tam declared the mouse to be creepy, and I was a bit disappointed that it didn't look exactly like the picture, but my friend LOVED it.  She told me it was the best present she's ever got!  I was inwardly questioning her standards slightly, but it made me feel all warm anyway.  She used it twice on Monday after I gave it to her, so I'd call it a success.  And when she realised I was on the hunt for a small teapot, she offered me one from her collection.  It looks like I'll be making another cosy soon!


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