Friday, 13 February 2015

That time I exercised with other people

I don't really talk about exercise much on here, but I'm a fan of the gym and going out the odd run now and again.  It takes me a bit of motivation to actually make it out the house, but once I start moving I'm quite happy getting on with things.  The best thing about my gym is that it's quiet.  It's a small space but there's never been more than three other people there when I go after work, and that's mostly what I love about it.  Truth be told I'm not always in the mood to be a people person.  I love hanging out with the people I know and talking to other bloggers, but strangers?  Nah, they can leave me alone please.  So when I signed up for an aqua spinning class with Simplyhealth, no one was more surprised than me that I was looking forward to it.  You know, after I looked up what aqua spinning actually was and got over my horror of wearing borrowed shoes to do it in.  

I met up with a bunch of fellow bloggers at the Commonwealth pool in Edinburgh to test out the new class (including Amy, my buddy from the photography workshop).  Aqua spinning, as it turns out, involves static bikes submerged in a pool, constant leg movement and a super enthusiastic instructor.  After we'd all changed into swimming/workout gear, we picked a pair of water shoes and a bike.  I wore a sports bra with my swimsuit and swimming shorts and felt pretty comfortable, although some people just wore swimming gear.  The bikes were on a platform over the pool then, after we'd adjusted our bikes to the right height and tension, the platform was lowered to become the floor of the pool.  The depth is adjusted for the shortest person in the group so Amy and I had plenty of clearance!

After getting into the pool and back to our bikes, the workout started.  It lasted around forty minutes, just the right amount of time to tire us out.  We were pedaling the entire time (to a cracking 90s soundtrack), but there was a period where we also did arm movements, using the water for resistance, then a period of intervals - starting easy with ten seconds of fast pedaling at a time and moving up to a full two minutes by the end.  It was knackering, thirsty work but I LOVED IT.  It's the first fitness class I've been to where I've actually enjoyed myself.  I think I had a smile on my face the entire time, even in those horrible but somehow still fun punishing moments.  I love being in the water anyway, but this made it much more exciting.  Some folks may also like to know that because all the exercise takes place in the water, you don't have that oh-my-god-I-can't-move-my-legs/neck/arms/nose feeling the next day.  Although...I kind of like that feeling.  It makes me feel like I've done something amazing!  

There's seven classes a week on here, and I think they mentioned that it was the only place in Scotland to do aqua spinning at the moment.  I'd love to try it again next time I'm in Edinburgh, and hopefully one of the Glasgow pools will take note and start up some classes. 

*I was given a chance to try out aqua spinning for free thanks to Joe Blogs and Simplyhealth but as always, I speak the truth!*


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