Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The weekend and Photo an Hour

The weekend started for me at Friday lunchtime, when I left work early to have lunch with Mother and do some shopping.  'Some' shopping turned into a hunt round IKEA for a storage unit big enough to hold the wool piles accumulating in my room.  I may have found something good...I'll show it off when I locate the screwdrivers and get it put together.  I'm excited for a bit of re-arranging and craft organisation!  That might be the most grown up I've ever sounded...

Friday night I headed into town to meet Andrea.  It was the first time we'd seen each other in person so it had added excitement!  The plan was to go for dinner and drinks, but having stuffed myself with McDonalds many hours before, I was still too full to eat.  Luckily Andrea and her partner Adam did the same with sushi, so we contented ourselves with drinks and lots of chat.  They're both really fun to hang out with and I'm so glad we got to meet up at last.

Saturday was Photo an Hour day, organised by Louisa and Jane.  My progress was pretty questionable this week, as you're about to see...

08.55 - We woke up early and faffed about a bit, locating all the minions and piling them up for giant hugs.  The usual.  

09.33 - I'm *this* close to making it into the shower.  Getting in the shower before I'm properly warm is akin to torture for me so I continue to faff as long as possible.  (My dressing gown and pj bottoms are from Long Tall Sally, I love the matchy-ness!)

10:41 - Much discussion decided we'd be going to Bathgate to check out the market and charity shops.  Tam's mum needed wool for a new crochet project so we had to stop at the local yarn store... had to...

12:52 - We went to the market, which was supposed to have a car boot element but in reality was about three cars and a bunch of market traders.  Not to my taste, so I was happy to get to the charity shops on the high street.  I got a bargain or two of course!

13:27 - Lunch at The Bus Stop cafe, and the selection of tea pots in there boggled our minds.  If you click the link, you can see even more.  The food was fab, although we were in a hurry to get back, so the cake was bought to go.

The photography part of the day sort of fell down here.  When we got home, Tam went to watch football and I went to see Testament of Youth with his mum and aunt.  It was wonderful and horrible at the same time, and I really want to see it again.  On a lighter note, the costumes were gorgeous, with knitwear being a strong feature.  Always a huge plus for me!

17:20 - It was still light on exiting the cinema, a bit of a novelty after all the darkness of recent months.  Tam arrived home at the same time and we took Parsnip a quick walk.  I got him a pack of tennis balls for Christmas and he loves chasing them around the fields.  He thoroughly tired himself out, so our work was done!

I did a little bit of knitting before we decided to get adventurous with dinner and make vegetable tempura with katsu curry and sushi rice.  It took three of us an hour to prepare it, but it was bloody marvellous.  It might also have been the first time in forever that I made an actual contribution to the dinner, so I want that on record here.  I feel I should point out that Saturday night was very nearly much more exciting than usual - Glasgow Film Festival was holding a ceilidh and showing archive footage, and I would have had tickets for that if more people had shown an interest in coming with me.  THEN when I found out Alan Rickman was going to be at the screening of his new film, I was this close to buying tickets, before I decided I couldn't face going anywhere that busy on a weekend, even if someone that awesome was involved.  So...I hope you liked the dog pictures...

Sunday was a bit stormy and wet and just not very pleasant, but we went a mini trip up to the museum in Kirkcaldy for a wander somewhere inside.  Then we went to town.  I'm gutted now that I left my camera behind due to the weather, but that place was a total retro dream.  It reminded me of shopping with my mum and gran on Saturdays, so much so that I expected to see a C&A and an Etam adorning the high street.  We popped into a few charity shops, an indoor market and this gem of a cafe.  Two lunches for a tenner and I got to pretend I was back in the late 80s with my chicken burger and chips.  I can't wait to go back again and explore more - I feel like this blog is crying out for a photo series of decaying Scottish towns...  (I'm not being offensive here - I genuinely love seeing places like this and mourning a bit for the past while rejoicing that all this wonderful architecture still exists.)

I think we can agree that, despite the lack of photos, this was a rather successful few days.  Who else did the Photo an Hour?  Leave me links!


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