Friday, 13 March 2015

A day in Glasgow - cinemas, skeletons and stories

A couple of weekends ago, we had a jolly old time exploring Glasgow to the max.  I might live there now, but unless the weather is playing ball, I'm up for leaving the exploring for a more agreeable day like...that one sunny day we'll get in May.  I was quite happy to be dragged out those days though, since we had a cinema tour booked and a bunch of cake to sample.  My work friend was hanging out with us and she's an expert on finding the best tea rooms and cake anywhere in Scotland.  I keep telling her to start a blog and share the knowledge but it's not happened yet...

Our first stop was the Mitchell Library to catch the last day of the Jeely Jars and Seeing Stars exhibition.  It was a Glasgow Film Festival event, a festival I now know to be much shorter than I originally thought, having missed every single film showing.  Eh...yeah...  I'll just need to look out for the Edinburgh one next!  The exhibition was small but interesting.  My work had put together a bunch of films from our collection that seemed to go down well, and there was some great cinema decor in typical art deco style.  Although they had labelled a film standee as something else, which was totally wrong and bothered the part of me that thinks I still work in cinema...  This was somehow my first trip to the Mitchell Library and it won't be the last - look at that gorgeous interior!  AND exterior!  (My friend is also a former librarian.  Seriously, she's the best person to take anywhere of historical or delicious significance.)

After our library explore we went for cake at An Clachan but it was too busy to stay for lunch, so we went to Cup on A's recommendation.  It was all kinds of awesome.  We had sandwiches, soup and tea, all super tasty, although I was once again distracted by the decor.  Those ceilings!

The next stop was down Argyle Street to meet my other friend and the Scottish Cinemas guys for a tour of city centre cinemas and previous cinema locations.  That's bumper use of the word 'cinema'.  Totally necessary.  I went on the west end cinemas walk last summer and it was really interesting - it was also like finding my people!  Cinema AND history?  Best combo ever.  The city walk was a mixture of current cinemas, buildings that still look like cinemas and buildings that you would never guess had ever been cinemas.  We started at the Panopticon and worked up to the CCA, walking for over two hours.  It rained about half that time, but no one cared.  The walk was also part of the Film Festival, and the waiting list for tickets was the same number again as was on the walk, so if a future one comes up get in there fast!

We went for drinks then burgers afterwards to dry off.  Our default burger place in Glasgow is Nice N Sleazy.  On one of our first dates, Tam and I were trying to find somewhere good to eat and we saw something that claimed Nice N Sleazy had the 'best burgers in Glasgow'.  I always scoff at stuff like this, but I was put in my place that day.  They. are. legendary.  I don't know how many we've eaten over the past 21.5 months but that's probably for the best...  The service was shocking slow that night though but let's blame it on Saturday in the city.

On Sunday Tam and I popped along to the Hunterian Museum with our sketch pads.  I kinda sorta prefer a few other places for drawing but the architecture is what holds my interest here.  It's another seriously beautiful building.  The top picture is also from there - I found a new way to look at a giant skeleton on display.  You probably want to know what it was.  Me too.  My memory sucks.  Let's say a dinosaur, that's fun.  (Highly doubt it's a dinosaur.  Don't sue.)


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