Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A trip to Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I found out about Edinburgh Yarn Festival a few weeks after last year's event and kicked myself ever since over my classically bad timing.  Not this time though!  I had it in my calendar for months and months beforehand.  I briefed Tam's mum and aunt on the plans multiple times.  (I tried to recruit my mum but she decided it was too far for her to travel.)  I even agreed to drive there, and that NEVER happens.  I hate driving with a fiery passion.  But drive I did!  And it was....kinda worth it.

Here's the thing.  Scotland does festivals really well.  Maybe a bit too well, since word inevitably gets out and draws back crazy crowds with it.  We went on Saturday, arriving about noon, and the Corn Exchange was packed.  It wasn't too hard to walk about the rows but browsing the vast wool selections was pretty much impossible.  The others picked up a couple of woolly bargains but I stuck to the outsides - my claustrophobia doesn't like to be stirred up!  I did get my hands on a copy of Pompom Quarterly though - I've been wanting to check it out for ages but I like to see these things in person first.  I went for the Winter 2014 issue since I knew there were a couple of patterns I liked in there.  My favourite find of the day was at the Shetland Wool Week stall though.  Check out that amazing knitted hat pattern!  Sheep!  I might have just bought wool to make it... (cause I totally need another sheep hat)

After getting lost on the way out - and getting side tracked by a certain photo booth - we made our way to the marketplace, which was slightly less busy.  The Teapot Trust had a few boxes of old knitting magazines for sale so I had to have a rake through.  I came out with four, although there were too many to flick through, which was probably for the best!  All in all it was a good wee afternoon out, although we agreed we'd try to time it later in the day if we go back next year.  I'm pleased with my purchases, even though I missed a couple of stalls I wanted to see.  There's always online shopping...


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