Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Week of Making - Chart drawings and crochet collars

Last month I was looking for some puffin pictures to make a card for Tam and I stumbled upon some craft charts, causing a much more fun idea to form in my head.  I could do them on graph paper so they look like a knitting pattern, then he'd definitely know who the card was from!  (I like to think he'd have worked it out from me actually handing him the envelope, but you never know...)  I drew out the puffin design onto graph paper, then used my light box at work to draw it onto a bit of card placed on top.  Easy!  Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a light box built into their work desk, but if you tape the graph paper to a window and draw on the card from that it works just as well.  It just might be a bit more fiddly...  I was a big fan of this method when I was a kid though so I might need to give it another go.

Since I'd now discovered that designing from graphs is much more fun than drawing a card freehand, nothing was going to stop me from making more.  I found a ton of designs on Pinterest (oddly enough, by searching for Hama Bead patterns) and went to work.  Yesterday I drew out the parrot card on my tea break, which I think will be turned into a birthday card for someone by using an alphabet stamping kit I got on eBay recently (this one).  That's also a ton of fun to play with.  

Yesterday I also finished a purple crochet collar and made a blue one.  Both are going to Char and hopefully she likes them!  The purple was made in DK wool with a 4mm hook and the blue is 4 ply and 3.5mm hook.  You can see my other ones here.  I love making these collars, they're almost instant gratification!  I seem to like quick crochet patterns but longer/bigger knitting patterns - crochet is good for small, fiddly things and knitting is best for doing long rows of the same thing over and over.  That's my preference anyway.

Right, I'm now off for a wander round the charity shops then I'll be back home for more making!  I want to get in to some sewing tomorrow so I think this afternoon will involve stamping and something else, most likely yarn related...


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