Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Week of Making - Chocolate rice shapes and 'proper' dinner

First up on the Week of Making list is... food!  This is most unusual for me.  I find cooking boring and time consuming, and then in the end it never tastes as good as if I'd just went out and bought a ready made version.  So it's easy to see why I don't bother, even though I know practise makes perfect and all that.  However!  When Tam and I were in Italy (1.5 years ago!  Whaaat!) we got these rice/chocolate/biscuit type thing in a supermarket and I loved them.  I can't for the life of me remember the brand (I think they were in a yellow packet...?) but they seemed easy enough to recreate at home.  Even I can buy a pack of rice puffs and melt some chocolate, right?

Well...yes.  And they were good.  Although I think the flaw in my plan was using cooking chocolate and maybe not enough rice.  I melted down two and a half big bars of Morrisons cooking chocolate (the other half of the third one got mysteriously eaten over the course of the week they were in the cupboard...cough...) and dug out a few ice cube trays and a baking tray with cake shaped recesses, and filled the bottoms with puffed rice from Rude Health.  After some old school melting with a pot of boiling water and a Pyrex dish, I spooned the chocolate over the rice and left them to set.  After eating the leftover melted chocolate out the bowl, I was too full to attempt one of the cooled shapes, but I took most of them in to work today, so I'll see what the snack experts have to say about my 'cooking skills' soon.

I also made dinner!  Like proper food, not just my usual sandwiches ya know!  To be fair, this is just a slightly fancy sandwich but...baby steps.  Wraps with a cut up Quorn Southern Style burger, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce.  Something had to go wrong somewhere though, and I left the wraps in the oven a tad longer than I should have and they didn't really...wrap.  Still delicious though.

A good start to the Week of Making, can we agree?  I also did a bit of crocheting and drawing, which I'll show off soon.


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