Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Week of Making - A crafty day out

The last official day of the Week of Making was an especially crafty one.  I went for a wee afternoon out at The Butterfly and The Pig in Glasgow for a 'crafternoon' hosted by Hillarys Blinds and Joe Blogs.  Hillarys came up with a fun idea to use the fabric from their new collection for something other than home furnishings - crafts being the order of the day.  The Crafty Hen were on hand with a couple of cool tutorials for us to try.  First up, we were provided with a notebook and a fabric sample of our choice, and we set to work covering the pads in a much more flattering floral design.  I was pretty pleased with how mine turned out - obviously I chose blue, and I had to add a bow!  I might be too old to wear them but I can still add them to everything else, right?  

After that taxing job, we were rewarded with cake.  The Butterfly and The Pig has some legendary cake to choose from - I went for chocolate and hazelnut and struggled to get through even half of it.  It was amazing but there was so much of it!  I was sitting next to Amy again (we're fast becoming workshop buddies - this was our third together!) and there was plenty of chin-wagging with each other and everyone around.  I love going to these meet ups and hanging out with other bloggers.  It's the perfect chance to have a good old chat that isn't limited by Twitter characters!  

Post cake, it was time to really test our sewing skills.  We were given more fabric pieces and two pattern pieces to make up a bird.  I went for blue and yellow again - I can't help myself when the opportunity to make a bunch of matching items comes along.  Hand sewing is something I rather like, but I wasn't especially neat about it...  I think things turned out OK though - my bird is still in one piece anyway!  If a bit scary looking thanks to the amazing coincidence of the fabric lining up to look like a face on the head part...  I also couldn't resist another bow, but it just reinforces my theme.  I call this collection 'The Laura Ashley Throwback'.  Side note - this fabric was awesome to work with.  I was expecting it to be of the stiff, old fashioned variety, but it was lovely and soft.  Also, I saw a picture of it as curtains and it looks AMAZING.  I'm now considering just matching everything in my room...


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