Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Week of Making - Printed labels and charity shopping

I only managed one make yesterday - some stamping on luggage labels.  I got the jumper and hat stamps and an ink pad on sale in Hobbycraft after Christmas, and bought this alphabet stamp set on eBay soon after.  Until now I'd only had a quick play around with the letter stamps, but I picked up a pack of ten labels in Home Bargains the other day and set to work.  And Kerry even joked about me making some Christmas gifts this week - she was sort of right!  As evidenced above, the picture stamps were a bit hit and miss, with three tags being spoiled by dodgy ink faded spots.  After a few goes, I got the hang of it and made a few passable designs.  I'll definitely make my own labels next time too - I have a guillotine at work but wasn't organised enough to get some card cut up before my days off.  

I was too busy having other fun yesterday to do much crafting - a problem that definitely won't be occurring today by the looks of the weather!  I read some of a new library book, went a big old wander to the charity shops, picked up a few bargains and a Morrisons salad bar for lunch, then ate said lunch whilst doing a jigsaw and watching Beaches.  I've no idea why the notion for jigsaw building struck me, but I found a set of four 500 piece puzzles for 50p in a charity shop and snapped them up anyway.  I was a jigsaw fiend as a kid but forgot how relaxing it was to sit and put all the pieces together - I always did the boring bits last, like the sky or grass, and it turns out I'm sticking to that method!  Also found in the shops was an 80s dress, a bag perfect for my knitting and this mad hand knitted tank top.  It's a size gigantic and has so many cabling mistakes and dropped stitches, but I kinda sorta love it anyway.  And if I change my mind, it can be unravelled and made into something else.  Not bad for £2.

Today is sewing day!  My love/hate craft.  Stay tuned to find out how not to throw your sewing machine through the window in a rage... (or who knows, maybe this time I'll finally snap, and that would make for an even more interesting blog post.)


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