Friday, 6 March 2015

A Week of Making - T-shirt bags and patchwork

Yesterday was sewing day, except I got distracted and it turned into more like a few hours of afternoon sewing before I got frustrated and just hung out on Bloglovin for a while before going to bed and reading for hours.  I'm back with renewed zeal today though, and I'm ready to go again!  For a little while anyway, then I want to get some knitting started.  First up for the sewing table was these old t-shirts that I promised Tam I would re-purpose into bags.  It was so deliciously easy that I now want to make a bunch more.  I started with cutting away the neck and sleeves of both shirts (I drew round a dinner plate for the neck shaping) then the blue one had the bottom sewn up.  I got a bit fancy with the tan one though, and cut slits along the bottom edge then tied each of the back and front tassels together in a double knot.  Voila, a no sew bag!  

I used this DIY farmers market tote tutorial for the no sew one after finding it on Pinterest - I'm not sure Tam will be all that impressed with it but I'm definitely up for making more!

The next sewing job was not so fun.  I can alter clothes but I find it super tedious - nothing seems to turn out how I intended!  I was doing a bit of a reworking on my recent bargain dress, so the sleeves got chopped to half length and I cuffed them.  This part went pretty well actually, and I like how the top half looks now.  Next up was to get rid of the pleats on the front skirt.  I just don't suit pleated skirts and although I was prepared to live with it, seeing how much better the short sleeves looked convinced me to go for it with the skirt.'s sewn into the waistband TWICE with tiny stitches.  When I realised how time consuming this would make the job I put it to the side in disgust and got on with some patchworking instead.  I have a ton of leftover squares from a quilt I made my brother a while ago and I thought I'd turn them into mini blankets (for all the babies people suddenly seem to be having!)   I like how this orange one turned out so I've got another one to put together today.  Then maybe I'll go back to the dress...


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