Thursday, 12 March 2015

Finished Knitting and Crocheting - A baby gift

I've been working on more baby gifts lately, this time for the lovely Sarah Rooftops and Bump.  I call it Spartacus though, since Sarah dreamed that was the baby name they picked and I have to say, I love it.  It's out there but easy to pronounce.  They'll probably have to change it to Spartaca for a girl though...  Ahem.

Anyway, since no one knows the sex of the baby yet, I was free to go wild with colours.  This blanket was inspired by Neon Stripes by Little Woolie.  I saw it at the time and loved it, although it took me a while to get started with my version.  I wasn't sure about the cream until it grew to about half way, then I was loving it.  It might be my favourite blanket yet!  (There's lots more to see if you click the Knitting tag...)  It was all done in DK wool with 5mm needles.  I used two balls of cream and just small bits of the colours, although I would have made it slightly longer if the cream hadn't run out.  Planning is not my friend.

Some may say blue isn't gender neutral, but this one was more a denim colour, which I thought would be cute with a little dress if things go that way.  And the wool was a lovely soft Aran that I was buying either way.  I used about 120g, so it doesn't take much at all.  The pattern is Baby Sophisticate cardigan and is meant to fit a size 6-12 months, but it looked a bit small to me.  After consulting the experts (ie Tam's aunt, who has a six month old granddaughter) it was confirmed that it probably was a bit smaller than intended. was going to Aberdeen, so that baby will need all the protection from the wind it can get, even in summer, so it should still get some use!

And finally my favourite make - Beastie Feet!  This bootie pattern is from a Kat Goldin book my crochet teacher has, and if you've seen the picture of the original ones, you'll see I improvised a bit on the uppers.  I could not get them to work from the pattern at all.  My first attempt came out far too small and when I tried to fix it, it just looked wonky.  So I made my own using decreasing rows of double crochet stitches.  I think it worked...  I guess I'll find out when there's actually baby feet in them!

I was shopping in IKEA a few weeks ago when I found these cat rattles and they just screamed 'SARAH!' at me.  It turns out she wanted to buy them herself and I just beat her to it.  Great minds...


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