Monday, 23 March 2015


My next knitting project is the rather unseasonal Shetland Wool Week hat.  I just couldn't wait to knit it after seeing the pattern.  At least I'll be prepared for next year!  It's still not available online but there's more pictures on the designers blog.  I've never done colour work on the round before, in fact colour work is not something I'm confident about knitting anyway, so I'm hoping this will provide some good skill developing.

Admiring my button jar, a recycled Burt's Bees gift pot.  I have so many, I think I need to find a button related craft to use some up.

Wondering if it's time to put the chunkiest of the knitwear into summer storage yet...  I sense I'll be the weather jinx if I do though.

My colleague made an Eclipse Cake on Friday, for obvious reasons.  It was lemony and chocolatey, not a combination I usually care for, but this was delicious.  My cake loving friend was off work and not happy when I broke the news to her.

Speaking of the eclipse, here's the tiny part we saw of it down in Glasgow.  This picture was taken through a very dirty window (then edited darker, so I could actually see the moon part) after we'd all stood outside for ages staring at the clouds, wondering if it was the eclipse or an imminent downpour that had turned the sky only slightly darker than usual.  It obviously turned sunny and cloudless mere hours later.

As if the cake wasn't enough, my awesome friends went to Germany again and brought me back my favourite sweets.  I always seem to make favourites of food not available in this country, but luckily they were prepared and delivered me three packets!  This was on Wednesday night though, so three packets have inevitably turned to one...

I found a perfect striped shirt in a charity shop last week.  It's been hanging on my knitting shelf, waiting for inspiration to strike.  I have a slightly silly habit in that when I get new (to me) clothes, I don't like to put them in the wardrobe until I've worn them.  I tend to think that if I put them away I'll forget they're in there and then what would be the point in owning them at all?

Photo an hour pictures are coming up soon, stay tuned for more rambling!


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