Wednesday, 11 March 2015

That 70s Feeling and Shaun the Sheep

I always feel a bit retro when I wear these jeans.  Like I should be accepted into the fashion clique in a 70s high school.  They probably didn't have soft cashmere jumpers and cool polka dot shirts though...  These jeans were actually a charity shop find about a year ago.  Tall jeans in a charity shop is pretty much unheard of, plus they were in my size.  Obviously I pounced.  

jumper - Tesco via charity shop
shirt - H&M
jeans - Gap via charity shop
boots - H&M

I already raved about this on Twitter but look what my mum made me!  I was into Shaun the Sheep big time the first time around but now there's a TV show and a movie and he's all over the place again.  When she gave me the hat I was all 'Oh this is awesome!  I probably won't wear it but thanks!' (I know, so grateful.)  Then I put it on.  And it really is awesome and I'm never taking it off.  The pattern is from Simply Knitting but here's the Ravelry page page anyway.


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