Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A trip to Dunoon

We had a mini holiday on the coast this weekend.  And like most of our holidays, it ended up being us against the weather.  Beautiful sunshine one minute, freezing gales the next.  It's nothing we're not used to though...  Our location was Dunoon, just across the water from Gourock and an easy commute from Glasgow.  Tam found a deal on one of the voucher sites for two nights in a hotel with afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast for a steal, so we couldn't pass up the chance for more exploring!  The food wasn't up to much but the hotel was a retro dream, complete with an upstairs lounge bar and a coach load of pensioners hanging out on the lawn.  Saturday was so warm we ate our afternoon tea on the balcony with the sun toasting us, then we hopped down to the beach for a paddle in the sea.  Looking at that beautiful clear water made me want to jump right in, but the reality of the feet-numbing temperatures put us off somewhat...

Sunday was much colder, but we managed a game of mini golf in the wind and a walk up the castle mound anyway.  Gotta check out those views!  The Castle House Museum was also well worth a visit, especially for the chance to see a great display of old postcards, something I never pass up the opportunity to have a look at.  And they had a reel of 35mm film in an old home projector, a fun reminder of work!  Strangely though, it was closed on Sunday, but we made time to pop in before getting the ferry back on Monday.

As always, the food was a big highlight of the trip for me - my favourite part of going anywhere is finding new places to stuff myself with delicious treats.  We got dinner from the Queen Street Chip Shop the first night, where Tam declared his fish the size of a shark, but managed to finish it nonetheless.  We ate lunch at The Yachtsman two days in a row, but somehow only had cake the second day, which was a big regret after I sampled the amazing bakewell slice.  No trip to the seaside is complete without an ice cream, and the coconut and chocolate flavour I got at The Dolly Mix might be my new favourite...  

Dunoon was just the start of about two months worth of weekend adventures we have planned - whoever thought to put calendars on phones has my eternal gratitude, I don't know how I'd be keeping track of it all otherwise!  Our first summer holiday is also coming up in June, when we'll be off to Orkney for a week.  I'm so excited to finally visit there after wanting to go for years!  I've had so many suggestions already, but if anyone's been and found anywhere we shouldn't miss, let me know and I'll add it to the list.


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