Monday, 4 May 2015

A beach walk and a festival

This weekend, the plan was simple - go hear some folk music at a festival near my home town, eat delicious food and go for a walk on the beach.  The weather sure put a dampener on any illusions we may have had about summer approaching though, and it was a bit of a wash out.  We still managed to squeeze in some fun between the downpours though...

Saturday night was spend wandering from pub to pub in search of a good band to listen to while we sampled some interesting beer/ale.  We found nothing in the way of delicious drinks, but there were a couple of places with live music and a fun atmosphere.  It wasn't a patch on the festivals of a decade ago though, so we gave up early and endured a soggy walk back to Mother's place, ready for our beds.  The next day seemed to be working in our favour, with just a bit of rain in the morning, so we got out the door quickly for a wander on the beach before heading up back to Glasgow.  Never one to miss a chance to stomp about in my wellies, I was onto the sand and splashing through the shallows as soon as I could.  Bonsai Socks sent me these awesome welly socks to test a couple of weeks ago. They're made from bamboo fabric (which makes them breathable and cosy) with a hint of spandex (which makes them stay up!) and I looove them.  They also claim to stay odour free - I've only worn them a couple of times but it seems to be working so far!  Tam played the role of photographer to perfection again, and even held my jacket when I decided it wasn't that cold after all.  He can stay.

(I'm also wearing a charity shopped cardigan, Monsoon dress, handmade scarf and hat)

We finally managed to catch a folk band playing in the local community garden, which had a small cabin selling soups and tea, so we grabbed lunch there and listened to the music for a while.  With all the wayward plans, the weekend felt far too short, so I'm ready to do it all over again!  Next week we're heading up the east coast instead of down the west, meaning there should be plenty more seaside pictures coming up...

Bonsai bamboo organic socks in Just Orange
*I was send a pair of welly socks free of charge in exchange for an honest review of the product*


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