Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A trip to Arbroath

Another day, another adventure.  This one actually took place the weekend before last, but I've had my camera out all week and the sheer volume of photos I had to go through overwhelmed me a bit!  I finally got a chance to sit down last night and pick out the best ones to share with you.  You're totally welcome.

Our day out in Arbroath came courtesy of the free ticket deal Scotrail was doing a few weeks ago when they switched over to Abellio.  All was well until we went to get onto the train at Haymarket and realised it was a Virgin one.  After a hurried discussion, in which I pointed out that 'the website told us to get this train!', we got on anyway.  And were unceremoniously dumped out at Kirkcaldy.  Three hours and four trains after leaving home, we eventually made it to the seaside.  It wasn't ideal, but I did fulfill an odd dream I had to train it across the Forth Bridge and the Tay Bridge, so that cheered me up anyway. (And one of the places we got stuck was Dundee, which made me think of Sarah, never a bad thing!)

On arrival, our first stop was the charity shops of course, with a quick cafe stop sandwiched in the middle.  As usual, my eyes were drawn straight to the cake display and I left with a block of crispy cake the size of my palm to scoff on the train home.  Also on the agenda was look around Arbroath Abbey, where the remains of King William 'the Lion' are buried and there's an excellent room for testing out the acoustics with our beautiful singing voices.  Yup.  I even got a video of Tam practicing his scales but I think I'd be in for a slow painful death if I posted it here...

More walking around followed our abbey visit, as did the rain.  After buying a couple of obligatory Arbroath Smokies for Tam's aunt and uncle, we took shelter in Pleasureland amusement arcade, which resulted in another minion being added to our collection.  I'm not sure I want to admit how many we now own... (*cough* six *cough*)  The train journey on the way back went much more smoothly, not least because there was added cake, and I managed to get excited about the bridges all over again.

In other news, I'm now on Instagram!  Check me out @eliseandlife (same as Twitter).  Maybe I'll even have posted a picture by the time this post goes up...

Who's been to Arbroath?  Or even eaten a giant cake lately?  I do like the cake stories.


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