Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Finished Crochet - Trienne

I've had my eye on this scarf pattern for a while.  Rachel posted it on her blog when the design was first published in Pompom Quarterly, then I finally got my hands on a copy of the magazine at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and knew it was time to give it a go.  I got some lace weight yarn on sale at Love Knitting and set to work.  As you can see, mine turned out as more of a scarf than a wrap.  The panels were actually even smaller than this, but after some steam blocking with the iron it flattened out a bit and became less rigid.  I'm not sure why it turned out much smaller than the original, but I like it anyway.  The yarn I used for the blue panels (Special Merino Lace) was a tiny bit weightier than normal lace (compared to the lighter coloured edging, where I used the very fine Debbie Bliss Rialto) and my tension is pretty tight, despite the 5mm hook, so I can guess this is where I went wrong.

It was also my first time winding skeins into balls and good lord, what a complete faff I made of it!  I purchased four different colours and it took me an absolute age to wind each one.  In fact one of the colours still hasn't made it into working form yet!  Each 100g skein made three panels, so I used two colours on this scarf and saved the other two for another project.  I almost want to try it again with a bigger hook to see if I can create a more accurate looking design, plus I have plenty of the edging wool left - I think I only used about a third of the 50g ball.  Despite not being keen on the finished product after it was done, the scarf growing on me a bit now, not least because it's received a few compliments at work!  Plus it goes quite nicely with my Shetland Wool Week hat...


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