Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, Pins and Blogs

I thought a nice, easy breezy Friday post was in order, so I went for sharing three moments, pins and blogs posts I've been loving this week.  Maybe I could even have *shock horror* another regular feature on here (the other being my Buyer's Archive posts at the end of each month - expect the next one soon!).  I'm not great at series posts.  I either get bored of them, forget about them, or just plain run out of things to say.  For example, this year I realised that although I love reading books - devouring them even - I just don't care much for writing about them.  Same goes for movies.  That's not to say I never will again (case in point below...) but maybe just not as often as I was.  

But who knows.  I could very easily change my mind again next week.  I'm prone to doing that.

Anyway, back to my point.  Welcome to Friday Threes!  (I gotta work on that name.)

cashmere sweater library book floral pillows

 1 - Finding this giant cashmere jumper in a charity shop in Helensburgh.  Sure, I had to sew up a few small holes in the seams, but it was worth it for the cosy, slouchy goodness it gives out.

2 - Finishing this utterly awesome book, The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesey, in the library.  I'm exercising my right to contradict myself from the first part of this post so I can tell everyone how good this story is.  Gemma is an orphan living with her aunt and uncle in Scotland.  Her uncle dies in an accident, and her aunt takes the first opportunity to ship her off to school in the Borders, where she works her way through as a maid.  Right before her exams, and her chance to escape to university, the school closes, so Gemma gets a job as an au pair in Orkney.  The rest I'll keep to myself, but I love coming-of-age type novels, especially one set in places that I've actually been to, so it was thrilling to read.

3 - Freshly washed bedcovers.  No further explanation needed.

pinterest vintage dress waterfall crochet scarf

1 - This vintage dress reminds me of one I used to have, made from fabric my mum bought in the 70s.  The floral design is just perfect - I'm on the lookout for similar fabric now! (pinned here)

2 - This picture makes me want to go off on a faraway adventure and take a million photos. (pinned here)

3 - This beautiful crochet scarf - there's no instructions and the site is Norwegian but I don't think it would be too hard to work out. (pinned here)

1 - How I live a thrifty, debt free lifestyle on Fiction Burns - Andrea is one of my favourite straight-talking bloggers and this post is full of good advice.

2 - Why Plan B might not be as terrifying as you or I think on Tea in your Twenties - Someone managed to say exactly what I was thinking, but better than I could ever have articulated it.

3 - Photos from the Gnome Genome Project on Mochimochi Land - HUNDREDS OF TINY KNITTED GNOMES!


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