Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Knitting and Reading

My latest knitting project is a bit more time consuming than my usual 'small things only' style, in that I decided to make myself a 1940s style waistcoat with a Fair Isle type border.  I used a pattern from the V&A website  (the one with the lady in the awesome hat and tie) to check my gauge initially, but I've been winging it since then so... fingers crossed it all goes to plan!  I just finished the colourwork section at the weekend and I'm on to the main body now, but I think I'll hold out on you guys just a little longer, if only to check that it is actually working out how I pictured it!

The red wool is Rowan Pure Wool in 4ply - my charity shop bargain of a few months ago.  The others are Red Heart Margareta 4ply that I found on sale at Deramores.  I just bought all the colours they had reduced so I think I have this yarn in about ten shades...

This week's book is Above by Isla Morley.  I was sucked in by the attention grabbing blurb on the back cover - 'Think you know whats's going to happen? You really don't...'  You'd think after a lifetime of reading I'd know better than to fall for those tricks but nope, it got me.  The story is split into two parts, Below and Above, and is narrated by Blythe, a teenager abducted by her school librarian.  He's convinced the world is going to end and it's up to him and Blythe to start all over again.  Like an underground Noah I guess.  I was gripped until Below ended and Above began.  Blythe and her now teenage son Adam find a way to escape the bunker and that's when things took a turn for the crazy.  I guess I can see that the author was trying to be different but I'm about seventy pages from the end and I just want to find out what happens already!

Oh, and my bookmark is a Far From the Madding Crowd one and has nice men on it.  Enough said.

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