Thursday, 28 May 2015

#photoanhour day and a trip to Helensburgh

It was that time again on Saturday, Photo an Hour Day.  I sort of over-participated this time - we were off on a day trip to Helensburgh using our other set of free Scotrail tickets and I'd never been before so there were even more pictures taken than usual...  Let's start at the beginning though, with the above picture.  I was up at 8am and sort of half heartedly getting ready for the gym.  Here I am pre hair brushing.

9am I was on a treadmill, so the post gym trainer discarding session is pictured instead.

10am I was showered and ready for food.  My new Empire turned up!  Oh, another super hero issue.  Super.

11am and it was time to attempt a hairstyle, then attempt to photograph said hairstyle.  This was pretty much the best of the bunch... (I did two half plaits, tied them together, did that again then sort of twisted it and stuck in a couple of Spin Pins.  Plaits and Spin Pins are my go-to when I want to get that annoyingly thick hair to stay where it's supposed to.)

Noon - look who's here!  Tam got the train to mine, dumped his bag then we went back down for the Helensburgh train.  I love that I can get to the sea in less than an hour from the west end of Glasgow - I'm even wearing my new favourite dress ever to celebrate our seaside trip!  We had the whole carriage to ourselves most of the way, and I alternated between knitting and spotting fun things out the window.

1pm and we were strolling along the front at Helensburgh.  There were many charity shops to keep us occupied, and even an awesome wool shop, where I picked up a bunch of New Lanark yarn on sale and had a nice chat with the lady working there.  I may have also found some wool in the charity shop...  Three skeins of lace weight yarn for £2.99 was not to be ignored!  There's no label on it though so I can't look up the exact wool content, but I'm sure it'll make a nice scarf anyway.

After the shopping we were ready for lunch, and when we spotted deep fried goats cheese on the menu at the local tapas place, La Barca, it was a no brainer.  I got myself a glass of sangria to really let the holiday feeling soak in, and we snacked on salty battered cod, crispy potatoes with tomato salsa, olive bread with oil and the aforementioned goats cheese.  It was bloody brilliant.  If the shopping hadn't done it, the food sure did - we'll be going back to Helensburgh soon.

What time are we at now?  I reckon it was about 3.30pm here, since we spotted these hilarious gates on the way to find a craft fair that finished at 4pm.  It wasn't up to much, but I did snag us some home baking on the way out.

Oh hi.  Just testing the effectiveness of that circle skirt.  It passed the twirling test.  (I didn't.  Apparently I now get motion sickness at any kind of sudden movement.)

4pm and we were wandering around this beautiful garden of remembrance.

We spotted these post boxes before getting the train back around 4.30pm.  Good to see Helensburgh has its priorities right about their status in the world.

6pm - Home!  And so tired!  Starting a day of adventure with a four mile run was maybe not my smartest idea this week.  Still, after a lie down with our books, we recovered somewhat.

7pm and the laptop is on.  The plan was to make dinner and watch some Netflix, but then we realised I was short a baking dish and my flatmate reminded us that Eurovision was on, so the plan got changed to ordering pizza and TV.  Tam gamely sat through Eurovision since I pointed out that his hatred for this was probably equal to mine for The Chase, and I do get made to watch that on occasion.  Forced compromise, the cornerstone of any good relationship.

8, 9 & 10pm - Pizza arrived!  Mine was ok, but there was nowhere to request half cheese online, so I made do with picking a lot of it off.  Then I got down to the serious task of tweeting all my opinions on Eurovision - I hated everyone until Serbia, then immediately afterwards I decided that actually, Norway was better.  Honestly though, even Graham Norton couldn't save it from being beyond dreadful this year (and I love him) so we called it a night after all the countries had performed.  Surprise surprise, I found out the next day that the favourite to win had in fact done so, and I was glad I chose sleep over TV.  At least I got in some good knitting time on Saturday...

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for hosting again!  Who else took part?  Leave me links below!


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