Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A trip to Doune Castle

doune castle exterior inside walls

doune castle lords hall

doune castle giant padlock gate

doune castle roof view

doune castle roof portcullis

doune castle brickwork roof 1992

doune castle stone wall

Sunday was one of those awkward days, with rain one minute and sunshine the next.  A challenging mixture when trying to plan an adventure!  We decided to go to Callander and get some amazing cake, with a trip to the Scottish Antique and Arts Centre we'd pass on the way.  Our pessimistic view of the weather was basing this plan on it being raining, but when it dried up on our way past Doune Castle, I made a snap decision to visit there instead of going to Callander.  Don't worry, there was still cake.

Doune Castle is one of the famous Outlander filming locations, and going by the display they had up with the others on it, I've now visited them all!  I've still not seen the actual TV show, but it's on my list for after the holidays.  (My internet is being replaced this week and apparently I could be up to a week without broadband.  I was having a hard time preparing myself for the one day I thought it would take, so I'm now in full scale panic mode over what the hell I'm going to do without Netflix and blogs for that long.  It doesn't bear thinking about...)  The other castles are Linlithgow Palace (check), Aberdour (check) and Blackness.  Oh, and I also read somewhere that there was filming done at Culross and Preston Mill - I'm practically in the show!

We didn't manage to walk through the grounds (I was convinced it was about to rain again any second) and we didn't even see the whole of the inside since there was a wedding taking place, but the bits we did see were pretty cool.  After climbing a lot of tiny steps up to the roof, we were rewarded with a spectacular view of Doune and beyond, and the hall at the bottom had some excellent glass panes and wood paneling.

After we climbed/tripped our way down the spiral steps again, we were rewarded with lunch at the Buttercup Cafe (good not great, although it was plenty busy) and a wander round the antique centre.  I found a gorgeous book full of illustrations of Easdale in my budget, and plenty of gorgeous jewellery that wasn't.  Not a bad day out after all.


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