Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A trip to the West End Festival

kibble palace glasgow botanic gardens west end festival 2015

kibble palace west end festival botanic gardens glasgow 2015

botanic gardens glasgow greenhouse leaves

byers road glasgow west end festival 2015

west end festival glasgow balloons bunting

I feel like I'm a proper Glaswegian now that I've experienced the West End Festival.  Well, a small part of it anyway.  Sunday saw Byers Road closed to traffic and full of food stalls and, if the crowds were anything to go by, half the population of Glasgow.  I'm not usually a fan of putting myself in such a busy environment, but it was pretty easy to walk around and see what was going on, despite the masses of people.

We started off at the Botanic Gardens to check out the market being held in the Kibble Palace (that big building in the top pictures).  There were some fantastic vendors and although I didn't buy anything, it was great to see so much local talent on display.  We made our way down Byers Road afterwards, where a lot of food purchases took place.  I saw a sign for Pizza Cones - CONE SHAPED PIZZA!  I'm a sucker for a gimmick and these were totally worth it.  Delicious.  Next came a more traditional cone, a chocolate dipped one filled with ice cream from the University Cafe.  Also delicious.

Whenever I know I'll be seeing my mum the next day, I have a standing order to get her a meringue or two from one of the many bakeries around here.  I've found a few good ones so far but I managed to get to a couple of new places, so she has a giant plain one and a strawberry one to keep her going.  She did request raspberry though but I might be forgiven when she sees them ;)

My old bosses now own a fudge stall and I ran into them in the middle of all the eating.  They were awesome enough to donate me a few yummy flavours but I could only face sampling the strawberry champagne one after I stuffed myself on other goodies...  It was fab though - sort of fizzy and sweet, so...like strawberries and champagne...

We didn't stay for the parade at three, but there's tons more stuff happening in the next couple of weeks if anyone's heading over for a visit - walks and concerts and exhibitions and probably lots more food.  I'll just be eating Orkney cakes instead of Glasgow ones...


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