Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Awesome movies I've watched lately

clueless pitch perfect 2 hunchback of notre dame cape fear double jeopardy little princess movie

Pitch Perfect 2 - I saw this completely on a whim, but I'd liked the first one and thought it would be worth a look (plus it was the only thing on at that time...)  I must admit, I didn't realise how not great the first half was until the second half really picked itself up and shouted 'Let's do this thing!' in the form of a hilarious lakeside serenade.  Obviously, the singing was on top form the whole way through, with the burst of Mmmbop being a special highlight for me (die hard Hanson fan over here) and I'd totally go see the next inevitable sequel.

Clueless - This movie never gets old, does it?  Well, the part with Cher's computerised wardrobe dates it a bit, but the humour, the settings and even the style seem as relevant as ever.  Although in my head Paul Rudd is one of those people who never seems to age (see also - Jennifer Connelly), Tam pointed out how young he looked and blew my theory out of the water.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - It popped up on Netflix a few weeks ago and I stuck it on for some split screen action while I was editing pictures.  I still know every word, every line of every song.  My childhood self had a problem.

A Little Princess - This was one movie I only saw a couple of times as a kid, but it had a safe, familiar vibe to it this time around, so I thoroughly enjoyed re-watching it as an adult (plus I was all 'Davos!' every time the dad appeared...  Gotta love a Game of Thrones reference in the most obscure places.)  The ending must have been too tense for me though, because I full on sobbed when Captain Crew got his memory back just at the right moment.  Sorry, no spoiler alert - it is a kids movie after all, you all knew where it was going.

Double Jeopardy & Cape Fear - I love a good 90s action movie on a weekend, and we somehow managed to fit in two a few weeks ago.  They've sort of got mixed up in my head a bit, but I think I remember the most important points.
- Robert DeNiro played one creepy mofo to perfection.  Whoever said you shouldn't judge someone one their looks obviously never met this guy.
- Juliette Lewis has always been kick ass awesome.
- If I was Ashley Judd I'd be WAY more pissed about being stuck in prison for years for no reason.
- That Simpsons episode with Sideshow Bob on the boat all makes sense now.

Mud - A special late entry, since Tam and I rewatched it last weekend.  The first time we saw it was on our first date more than two years ago, and he's still hanging around.  Must have been attracted to my fantastic taste in movies...


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