Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Finished Knitting - Vintage waistcoat

vintage knitted waistcoat red floral dress pattern

vintage knitted waistcoat floral dress 1940s

vintage knitted waistcoat 1940s red fair isle

I wrote a bit about my knitting of the waistcoat before but I may as well summarise again, since I have the finished garment here and all.  I used Rowan Pure Wool 4 ply for the main colour (best charity shop bargain ever!) and Red Heart Margareta 4 ply for the patterned section.  I wanted to go for a vintage style waistcoat but couldn't find a pattern that was quite right, so I took a 1940s one from the V&A website and adapted it a bit.

Since I was using 4 ply rather than the required worsted, my gauge was off when I tested it out, so I increased my stitches by half again.  The Fair Isle type design I found on Pinterest - I'd originally planned to do a row of sheep above the ribbing but in the end I fancied something more colourful.  My actual knitting of the pattern into the waistcoat isn't perfect, but I like the overall effect anyway.

I knitted the body on circular needles then split it into sections for the back and front panels.  After that I followed the pattern more closely, even if I sort of guessed my way through the decreases, a tactic that seems to have worked...  The shape is pretty close to how I pictured it - not too fitted but not too giant either.  I'm still deciding whether or not to add buttons - I made buttonholes in one of the front bands but it wouldn't be too much trouble to sew them up.  In fact I didn't block the bands flat because I like how they look curled up and button-less at the moment, but maybe I'll change my mind when I've worn it a bit.  Or the first time I get cold and want to bundle up more...


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