Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday Threes - Reading, Feeling and Blogging

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1 - Testament of Youth is finished!  It was pretty awesome until I realised Vera Brittain had written many more books about her life and this one was only a small part of it.  I think I'll pass on the others for now...  There I am in the tent on holiday, looking sleepy but making good reading progress (not seen - the bottle of whisky I was drinking from to keep me warm.)

2 - Next I'm reading the first book in the Mistborn series, The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.  I ordered this at the library a while ago thinking it would take it's usual long time to arrive, and it turned up about a week later.  One renewal later and I've finally started it.  I wouldn't normally follow one huge book with another, but I'm hoping the change of genres (from memoir to fantasy) will speed things along.

3 - Apparently I'm collecting magazines lately.  The National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland ones showed up a couple of weeks ago, I'm about three issues behind in Empire, and my friend brought me the Shetland magazine 60 North back from her holidays and it hasn't even been opened yet.  Tam brought me Shortlist and Stylist from the train station and I picked up the Tesco one with my shopping last night.  Oh dear.

1 - Overwhelmed.  Everything seems to be happening at once this month.  My flatmate has moved out, and I finally picked a new one who'll be moving in next week.  All the bills were in old flatmate's name, so I've had to call a bunch of people and switch things over.  EE were lovely but not very helpful when I got a new broadband box and just needed the line turned back on.  They eventually got around to doing it the day I went on holiday.  Scottish Power were lovely AND helpful when I finally got through to the right person (and after giving the guy my date of birth, he told me that he was born a few days before me and is not looking forward to turning thirty next week.  We commiserated together.)  The council tax have been completely unhelpful so far but I'd expect nothing less from them.  Oh, and my MOT and car insurance are due on Tuesday and Compare the Market keeps changing my quotes.  I pretty much spent half the week bemoaning how non adult my brain is about coping with such dull tasks.

2 - Frustrated.  About the above, but also because our landlady very nicely put in new sofas (the old one had literally fallen apart) but failed to consult any measurements, so we now have two cheap, ill fitting IKEA couches in the lounge.  Since she uses the flat as a dumping ground for all her old furniture, we also inherited a scratched up old TV table.  The place is now so stuffed with junk that it's making me twitchy, so I just closed the door on the lounge and am hanging in my room.  It's also fairly full, but much more pleasant in there.

3 - Excited.  In an odd contrast to all the drama, I'm excited about having today off work (three day weekend!), giving Tam birthday pressies on Sunday and hopefully finishing a couple of knitting and crochet projects at the weekend.  Also I get to go see my mum next week, which means parking myself on the couch, catching up on all the gossip, and watching nonsense on TLC for two days.

1 - Jo made this awesome crocheted pineapple garland, and now I need to make one too.

2 - Andrea has been killing it with interesting posts lately (and, let's face it, always), but my favourite this month was 5 things you can do right now to help save the planet.  Simple, easy to implement suggestions.

3 - Jessica's post about book snobbery and the 'classics' that she very much did not enjoy was funny and informative and had me nodding along in agreement with each one.


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