Friday, 12 June 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, Crafty Pins and Blog Posts

mouldy film reel chocolate tart cake cottonrake

 1 - Finding the world's mouldiest film was the highlight of my work week last Friday - we have a separate store for these reels that everyone avoids going into until we've done every other job on our lists, but this film was beyond anything I've seen so far.  Luckily my boss decided it needed a thorough cleaning before we could work on it so it's been pushed down the list again.

2 - Cake.  So much cake.  Tam showed up at my place on Saturday with our favourite chocolatey treats from Cottonrake Bakery, then there was all the eating on Sunday...  I might turn into a cake soon.

3 - Getting Shit Done has been the theme of the past week - I have a bunch of posts (including this one) scheduled to go up when I'm on my holidays, plus I booked our ferry tickets and we constructed a sort of plan for what we'll be doing on Orkney.  I ordered the main parts of Tam's birthday pressies for the end of the month.  I found a new flatmate, sorted another bunch of flat stuff (mostly involving moving furniture around in every room) and got myself new internet.  Which left me without broadband for a week.  I like to think I don't take the broadband convenience for granted normally, but if there's one thing about modern life I have no issue with, it's the ability to connect with anything, any time, via the internet.  What a freaking marvellous time we live in, tech wise.

Crafty Pins
crafty pinterest crochet reindeer doll bead bracelets wooden photo printing

1 - I found this super cute Reindeer Doll crochet pattern on Pinterest at the weekend - it might only be June but it's never too early to start planning the seasonal crafting! (pinned here)

2 - Someone worked out how to transfer photos onto bits of wood.  My mind is blown.  See above praise for the modern world. (pinned here)

3 - Handmade bracelets are the best thing to adorn our wrists with, and these morse code themed ones are properly awesome.  I need to get some beads right now. (pinned here)

Blog Posts
1 - Sarah's post about the pitfalls of having friends who are also parents is oh so true, and a really interesting read.

2 - I mentioned the Mochimochi Land Gnome Project before, but the follow up post on what Seoul is like outside of gnome related fun is excellent, and made me want to visit somewhere I'd never considered before.

3 - Kerry mentioned recently that she uses coconut oil to tame her hair and, being prone to a bit of a fuzzy head myself, made me want to give it a go.  I bought myself a jar in Sainsburys right before this great post went up.  Here's even more uses for coconut oil, along with some great photos of jar modelling...


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