Friday, 5 June 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, Food and Sheep Themed Knitting Patterns...

As you can see from the title, I went pretty specific on the sub headings this week...  There's just too much good stuff out there on the internet!  So here's my latest 'three lots of three things' in life.  Might as well start with the most delicious one.

kancho chocolate biscuits

1 - Kancho biscuits - This box sort of jumped out at me from the foreign aisle of the supermarket, and when I went in for a closer look I got all excited and thought they were the Asian equivalent of Cartoonies (remember them?  They were the shizzle.  Yup, I said it.)  Sadly, they didn't live up to the legends, but they made a good post-dinner snack the other night.

2 - Scottish strawberries - It's that time again!  Mine came from Islay and as usual I didn't eat them quickly enough and they went all soft.  Still delicious though, if in need of an ice cream garnish.

3 - Morrisons pasta salad - I have a confession to make.  I'm obsessed with the make-your-own-salad bar at the supermarket.  I've been eating two a week since March and it's still not enough.  My favourite thing is the spicy chicken pasta, which is strangely not the same in every store - the version in my local Morrisons is perfection, but the stuff in my mums local is gross.  Go figure.

island book illustrations flowers nature

1 - My new book - I've blethered on about this on Instagram plenty but I couldn't resist sharing pictures on here.  I found this gorgeous book in an antique centre on Doune Castle day.  Island is a completely hand drawn diary of a year on Easdale, taking in all the nature elements of the place.  It makes me want to get out my drawing pencils and make my own!  Although I'm not sure Glasgow is quite as an appealing subject...

2 - Emails from bloggy friends - The awesome Jo knows a bit about Orkney and she send me tons of good info on where to go and what to do.  And we realised we shared a love of Nicholas Cage, which could probably count as a third excellent moment, but the actual third one is excellent too, so I'll just lump him in here.

3 - Cinema and sushi - I had a bad day on Saturday.  Like when one thing goes wrong, followed by another and another until everything I touched jinxed me.  So when I feel like giving up on life, I go sit in a dark room with a giant screen until I feel like myself again.  This was the first thing that went right that day - I realised I suddenly had two hours to kill (don't ask) and there was film I sort of wanted to see starting in five minutes (Pitch Perfect 2), so I made straight for the cinema.  The only one at my disposal was a Cineworld and I'm a die hard Odeon devotee, but it served its purpose and I left the screen feeling a million times better.  And lamenting the fact that I'm a dreadful singer.  Oh, then I met Tam and ate sushi and tofu and curry and it was bloody brilliant.  Bad day cured!

Sheep Themed Knitting Patterns
shaun the sheep knitted blanket sweater scarf kate davies wool and the gang

This theme sounds specific, but it pretty much wrote itself after I somehow acquired two sheep patterns in the space of a few days.  And found another awesome one.  Gotta stick to my chosen number!

1 - Shaun the Sheep blanket (free from Deramores) - I saw some chat about this pattern before it was released, and when it hit my inbox on Wednesday I had to download it.  I love anything Shaun the Sheep (case in point) and even if I don't make the whole blanket, I may have to make a few sheep head squares...

2 - Wool and the Gang 'Sheep Thrills' Sweater - I must admit, I think Wool and the Gang is pretty overpriced considering how basic their patterns are, but this design is super cute and I really want my own (with matching hat!).  I think some pattern hacking may be in order...

3 - Kate Davies 'Rams and Yowes' lap blanket - Kate was selling her patterns half price for a day last week to celebrate eight years since her first blog post - that's some good blogging stamina right there!  I adore Kate's designs and have been going back and forth for ages on which one I want to make first, so when the sale came up I jumped on the sheep one.  It's labelled as a lap blanket but I'd probably make it into more of a shawl shape so I could wear it.  I'm a bit scared after reading through the pattern though - the word 'steek' was mentioned (cutting the knitting) and now I'm just ignoring it until I build up the courage to have a go...


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