Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Holiday knitting

leather knitting case full of wool needle case vintage

For me, holidays mean even more knitting time.  And reading time, but since I'm stuck somewhere in the middle of Testament of Youth and have been for a while (I'm really loving it and read at least ten pages a day but it's so thick it never seems to make a dent...) I'm probably not going to get through many books while we're in Orkney.  Let's just look at all the knitting plans instead!

Above is my case full of goodies.  I have all my wool - there's a couple of current projects, a couple of quick ones and a couple of crochet things to start.  Plus my new 20p sheep needle case!  It's holding my double pointers and my short circulars quite well, although since it's made for straight needles there's only so much I can get in there.

project drawstring bag aran chunky wool wooden needles

I finally finished my waistcoat at the weekend (more on that soon) and my next project is another baby blanket.  I just can't stay away from them!  This one was inspired by Purl Bee's Eleventh Hour blanket and I'm using some leftover Aran wool that's been in my stash for the longest time (it might even be the oldest thing in there) and for the trim I've got a ball of Bergere De France Recyclaine in Orangeade (best shade name ever).  The Purl Bee pattern claims I'll need 100g for the trim but since I'm working on a slightly smaller scale, and I only have that one odd ball I got on sale, I'm gonna try and wing it.  Deramores is my go-to for this stuff usually and I noticed they have Orangeade in stock, so I'm all set if it doesn't stretch far enough.  And even if it does, I might need more anyway - I used the Recyclaine in a cream colour for my sheep hat and it's my new favourite!  I'm doubling the Aran up to make it nice and cosy, so it should be a pretty quick knit.

(I also put together a tutorial for making this handy project bag, more on that soon too!)

small wool bag baby booties

Baby booties.  They're my default train knit.  I have this little make up bag that I keep stocked with my favourite pattern, needles and a couple of balls of wool, so that I always have something to stick in my bag to keep my hands busy on a journey.  I may not get around to making more pairs but I like to keep it to hand anyway, just in case.  Plus it takes so little wool to create them (less than 50g a pair) that I can use up all my odd bits.

yarn leather case wool multi coloured chunky

Yes, even more projects.  The chunky Stylecraft Allsorts yarn I bought in three colours when Deramores was having a mega sale in January - I got 150g of each to make chunky hats for everyone for Christmas.  I love love love making hats.  With the chunky wool, all it takes is some circular needles and couple of hours, and voila!  One hat!  A few more minutes with a pompom maker and what do you get?  An even better hat!

The Red Heart Bella wool was also from the mega sale - it was one of those moments where I thought 'I don't know what I'd do with this wool but I want to buy it anyway and find out.'  Then of course, I forgot about it until I was looking for holiday projects at the weekend.  I fancied making another lace crochet scarf  (most likely a slightly different design but maybe the same one if I can't find anything better) and I think the colours will look great in something like that.  If anyone's found a lovely triangular scarf pattern, let me know!

vintage knitting leather case bowling bag pompoms

Here's the case holding all that lovely wool together.  I found this old bowling bag in a charity shop a few months ago - I love the design of these cases but they always seem to come with bowls in them and, although I could have just bought one and donated the bowls back, I could never quite pull the trigger on an actual purchase.  Then this one came along with a broken plastic insert and the beginnings of mould under it, for a very reasonable £2.50.  The plastic went in the recycle bin, the entire case got scrubbed with anti-bac spray, and now it makes a perfect travel sized project bag.  As evidenced above, I decided it needed just a little something to jazz up the brown leather, so the pompom stash was raided and a few were tied on to the handle.  It reminded me of tying ribbons to my suitcase handles when I was a kid - my gran's method of finding our suitcases quickly on an airport luggage carousel!

This will likely sound ridiculous, but I'm not sure I have enough wool here...  Hear me out though.  I've picked projects that (mostly) use thick yarn and big needles, so, while the crochet will certainly take me a while to complete, the knitting could be done in a few days.  I expect to be sharing driving time with Tam, but a journey to Orkney is at least eight hours from home (not to mention the ten days of holiday), so in half of that I could knock up a hat or two, and the blanket has already been started.  I might add some yarn for another chevron blanket as a back up, or stick in more hat wool.  Or just finally plough my way through Testament of Youth.  Any thoughts?


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