Thursday, 18 June 2015


polka dot shirt H&M long tall sally skinny jeans black white converse

spot polka dot shirt chains

black hi-top converse

This outfit combines a bunch of my favourite things in one look - black and white, polka dots, skinnies, Converse.  It's hard to go wrong when that's what I'm pulling out of the wardrobe.  The shirt was one of those last minute purchases made when there's one thing missing from your Christmas party outfit and you're not sure what it is. Turns out this shirt is it.  Well that was the Christmas before last and I'm still loving it.

And look!  Jewellery!  I have a habit of ignoring the box with all the shiny things and multiple hair bobbles (Goody, always Goody.  My thick heavy hair thanks them every gym session.) I don't even know why, since these chains clearly bling up my outfit to perfection.  In fact it was a bit of a wasted one though since the furthest I went that day was down to the bin sheds to empty the hoover (which obviously caught the wind right as I released the dust and it flew back into my face.  Awesome.)  Still, it was at least a step up from my normal working-at-home uniform of whatever I've slept in the previous night...

shirt - H&M
jeans - Long Tall Sally
shoes - Converse
chains - Topshop


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