Thursday, 4 June 2015

Summer, but not

M&S red loafers deck shoes

grey wool sweater navy patterned trousers red loafers

wool sweater jumper pattern trousers red loafers

This was my outfit on the third day of June, when even Scotland has usually edged into the summer season.  Ha!  Not so much this year.  It was mild, but sweater wearing was still necessary.  Part of this outfit was covered in my latest Buyer's Archive post but it's always nicer to see things being worn, don't you agree?

I love these H&M patterned trousers for an easy smart/casual vibe, and the loafers I own in three colours cause I'm just that crazy.  They go with everything though!  Oddly enough, after wearing the cream ones and the navy ones, these red ones cut my heels to shreds on a couple of occasions before deciding that, actually, they don't really mind my feet after all.

My old internet is now officially gone (SOB!) and my new one is taking a suspiciously long time to show up, so I'm back on the dongle for a few days.  It's probably the only time that my past cowardly self has proved to be useful - I've not even used the dongle since August but I'm too much of a baby to call up Three and have a giant argument about cancelling it.  I can't deal with their pushy customer service yet...  On the bright side, EE have upgraded my phone data from 4GB to 10GB and I'm now very 'GOOGLE ALL THE THINGS!!!'  Whatever useless facts the internet has thrown up in the past 24 hours, I've probably read them.  It can't quite make up for losing Netflix access, but it's cushioning the blow somewhat...

sweater - EWM via charity shop
trousers - H&M
loafers - M&S


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