Thursday, 11 June 2015

Transition dressing

tunic dress matalan brogues clarks

hudson tights brogues

I'm still doing that dance between cold weather clothes and warm weather clothes this week.  I mean, it's been milder (almost warm actually) but rainy, so... tights it is then.  I had some new ones to test out when UK Tights got in touch and asked if I wanted a few pairs to review - I'd seen Kerry's awesome post and commented that 'one size' tights never fit my stupid legs, so I was pleasantly surprised when Marta emailed to say they had a range of longer length tights and did I want to test them out?  Um, yes please.  Marta helped me out by telling me what fitted her equally long legs best, so I went for a pair of Hudsons and two from the Levante range.

Above I'm wearing the Hudson Glamour Glossy Tights in Marine.  I went for a size III - not a standard measurement and the one part of the choosing process I found to be a bit confusing, although the customer reviews helped me decide for each pair.  It's always worth a look at what other people have to say about a product first!  I don't normally pick such a fine denier because they either slide down or I put my hand through them, but after a day at work of lifting heavy film boxes in and out a van and onto shelves, they had not a mark on them and were still firmly in place.  WIN. (Double win?  They have a label inside, something I think should be a standard thing in tights, although not many retailers seem to agree...)

dress - Matalan via charity shop
brogues - Clarks

long tshirt H&M polka dot skirt M&S

levante tights compression support review converse

Next I tried out the Levante Relax Firm Support Tights in Nero.  These turned out to be a fun option - they have compression technology for helping out tired legs.  Since I have a desk job I hardly need such support, but they sure do suck you in and make you stand up a bit taller!  The only part of these I wasn't fussed on were the reinforced heels - it was hard to position them so they weren't peeking above the back of my shoes, but I'm sure I can work that out next time I put them on.  Sizing on this range was different again, and I chose an X Tall which fitted perfectly fine, and the compression factor made them tight enough to stay put for hours.

tshirt - H&M
skirt - M&S via charity shop
shoes - Converse

I also picked the Levante Matisse Airskin tights to review, but that was before the temperatures decided to become more seasonally appropriate, so 150 denier no longer felt like an appealing option...  I'll definitely be taking them to Orkney though, thanks to all the horror stories people have been telling me about the weather, so no doubt I'll be able to write up a proper review soon.

(Also, how hard is it to photograph legs?  For all the outfit pictures I shoot, you'd think it would have taken me less than thirty frames to get a good shot...)

*I received the tights in exchange for an honest review.  Thanks UK Tights!*


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