Thursday, 9 July 2015

A favourite dress

vintage polka dot dress mocassins

vintage polka dot dress cardigan mocassins

polka dot vintage dress purple cardigan bracelets

Saturday was supposed to be summer.  I went to my mum's for the weekend, taking a couple of dresses to wear.  Then the wind came.  It was still warm(ish) but I had to walk into town grasping a lump of skirt fabric in my hand.  Not a great look.  So I may have fallen out with the weather again, just when it was starting to agree with me.

This dress is my summer favourite and I've never properly shown it off on the blog.  It cost me a whole £1 from a charity shop a couple of years ago.  It's vintage M&S, navy, polka-dotted and long enough.  All my favourite things in one!  The bag was one of my most recently thrifted bargains, and the cardigan is possibly one of the oldest things in my wardrobe.  I bought it from Topshop in 2008 before I went to Boston, and it's been in constant summer rotation since.  I have another super old cardigan from Topshop actually, so their quality must be better than I would give it credit for!

My Minnetonka mocassins are my go-to shoes on dry days.  They also have an American connection - I got them in Florida a few years ago and I wish I'd bought another pair in California.  They're so expensive here, which makes sense but is no less annoying.  I think this dilemma calls for another holiday...  

vintage bag dress polka dots minnetonka mocassins

 cardigan - Topshop
dress - charity shop
bag - charity shop
bracelets - gifted


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