Thursday, 30 July 2015

A trip to East Neuk of Fife

elie beach

Our plan for last weekend was to go camping at St Andrews and have a proper wander around there in the absence of golfers and students.  No prizes for guessing what the weather had in mind for us.  A forecast of rain, hail and general rotten-ness for Saturday evening meant we turned a weekend in Fife into a day trip to East Neuk.  It would still have been a day in St Andrews but we wanted to take Jake on a trip to the beach, so it turned into a family coastal outing.

Five humans and a doggy piled into Tam's mum's car and set off on an adventure.  The first stop was Leven, where I'd never been but was added on to the trip to incorporate a stop at the local yarn store.  I managed to get out with only two balls, both of which I have plans for, so yay me! 

lobster stall shop crail fife

jake rough collie dog

harbour brick wall seagull crail fife

boats harbour crail

doors east nek crail

umbrellas street rain

picture house old vintage crail

We made it up to Crail after a quick lunch stop and had a wander about the town - there was a market on that afternoon but we only managed to catch a few stalls at the end.  I got to go to the fab whole foods shop though, and picked up some marzipan amaretto chocolate (weird), raspberry liquorice sticks (good, but not my usual brand) and Montezuma's excellent dark chocolate buttons (these ones).  The harbour at Crail is one of my favourite places to walk to - it's just a small area, but the street is home to lots of quirky little buildings and picturesque signs.  Hence all the photos.  This is me restraining myself btw.

rocks beach elie fife

beach dog walk crab shell

cricket elie beach fife

Being in East Neuk meant there was only one acceptable option for dinner - a chippy in Anstruther!  This time around, we skipped the queue at the popular Anstruther Fish Bar and headed to the Waterfront, where we sat out in the sun, eating vinegar soaked chips and agreeing that this chippy trumped that one.  Jake got a bonus walk on the way home at Elie beach and I got to test out my new 50mm lens.  It definitely takes some getting used to after having a regular twisty one (totally a technical term) but the pictures came out better than I expected.  More experimenting is needed!

How did everyone's weekend go?


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