Monday, 6 July 2015

Dinner at Jamie's Italian Glasgow

I conquered a rather odd phobia last week.

It all started with an email, asking if I'd like to review Jamie's Italian Glasgow.  I pretty much just read the word 'Italian' and replied 'yup'.  Italy is definitely in my top three countries when it comes to awesome food, so it was a no-brainer.  (What are the other two, I hear you ask?  Japanese and British - for the chips of course.)  Plus I'd heard great things about the food from various colleagues.  So far, so exciting.  Then I realised I'd have to take pictures of said food.  In the middle of a restaurant.  Potentially surrounded by other diners, who would wonder why the hell that person is documenting all her food and not letting her partner eat?  

I managed to put this dilemma to the back of my mind until Tam and I arrived at the restaurant.   The inside is huge.  It's all dark wood and flashes of red inside, with long rows of tables and giant windows looking out onto George Square.  Just my style, but...  I pulled out my camera as soon as we were seated, told myself to stop being stupid and just started snapping away.  And guess what?  No one cared at all!  No one even glanced my way!  I didn't die!  I did feel stupid for thinking taking pictures of food was such a big deal, but other than that?  Totally fine.  I kind of want to do it again.

Jamie's Italian Glasgow menu

Right, now that I've covered my ridiculously irrelevant anxiety, let's get back to the main point.  The food.  Our waiter, John, was incredibly knowledgeable on the whole menu (new the previous day) and talked us through the specials before advising us on the beer choices.  Then we were left to choose...

Jamie's Italian Glasgow artisan breads with dips

Jamie's Italian Glasgow crispy nachos

I can't pass up the chance to eat bread, so we shared a selection of crispy ciabatta, focaccia and crackerbread with sundried tomato and chilli dip, and a classic oil and balsamic mix.  I followed that up with Italian nachos - crispy ravioli with various cheeses inside.  It was sprinkled with paprika, which I found a little odd, but Tam took care of the most coated ones for me.  He's a handy one to have around.  He went for the squid, which I thought was delicious and he found weird, so I returned the favour!

Jamie's Italian Glasgow gnocchi genovese pesto

Jamie's Italian Glasgow prawn linguine pasta

I had trouble deciding between the gnocchi and the vegetable rotolo special, but John advised me to choose the gnocchi as it was lighter and suited the season better.  I'm glad I took him up on that because it was bloody delicious.  And it came with purple potatoes!  Who knew they existed?  They tasted just like regular tatties, but I think I need all my food to come in that shade now.   Also in the dish were green beans, pine nuts and just the right amount of pesto.  I hate when food is smothered in pesto, taking away the taste of anything else.  Tam chose the prawn linguine, which came with a topping of rocket and parmesan and made me think of a tropical rainforest.  (You know, with the droopy trees?  No?  Just me then.)  He got through it quickly enough so I guess it got a thumbs up.

Jamie's Italian Glasgow molten praline pudding

Jamie's Italian Glasgow epic brownie

We were almost stuffed by then but just managed to squeeze in a wee dessert.  Well, they weren't very wee actually, but we did our best.  I was quicker to decide this time and picked the molten chocolate praline pudding, which came with a salted caramel ice cream and crunchy praline topping.  The sponge was pretty standard, but the melting middle gave it more of a kick.  Tam won the dessert round though when the Epic brownie was placed in front of him.  Look at the chocolate/ice cream/popcorn tower!  It had just the right amount of sweetness and we agreed that Jamie himself must have come up with the name.

Jamie's Italian Glasgow cloth napkin

We passed up the offer of coffees and left the restaurant feeling totally stuffed.  I got a chance to talk to the manager on the way out and she told us they have a huge refurbishment planned for January, so I'll definitely be heading back to see it then.  She also told us they've been there for five years - I thought the place was only about a year old so I'm even more embarrassed that I hadn't been before!  Next time, I'll listen to the guys at work when they tell me to visit somewhere...

Book online with Jamie's Italian here or find them on Twitter.

Has anyone else been?  Any favourites from the menu?

Jamie's Italian Glasgow George Square

* I was given a voucher to visit Jamie's Italian in exchange for an honest review *


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